Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unanswered Questions about the Dion/May pact

A few questions for Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion.

For Ms. May: As leader of the Green Party of Canada, are you committed to try to form a government and become Prime Minister? If not, why have you not told your own party and Canadians what your goals really are, and explain to Canadians why they should vote for a party with a leader who has no intention of trying to form a government.

From this Green Party Press release the answer to the above should be clear "We recognize that a government in which St├ęphane Dion served as Prime Minister could work well with a Green Caucus of MPs, led by Elizabeth May, committed to action on climate."

For M. Dion: If as stated in the press conference that the there is NO time to waste and the urgency of the current situation requires immediate action; are you prepared to, at the earliest opportunity, call a non confidence vote or do everything in your power to have an election? If not, doesn't this "urgency" just look like more political games to the Canadian Public?

For Ms. May: You have stated that this deal was "open and transparent" and that there were no backroom deals. Why have you been hiding the fact that you have been trying to work a deal with the NDP along similar lines?

For M. Dion: What happened to the commitments made at the Liberal Convention to a 308 seat strategy? and Is what you have done even legal within the Liberal Party constitution?

For Ms. May: You have stated over and over that this is deal is an example of cooperation and is for non partisan reasons. How than can you reconcile that with the following, from an article from the Toronto Star? "Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has vowed to make Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay pay for a controversial decision to merge the former Progressive Conservative party with the right-wing Canadian Alliance."

For M. Dion: Are you planning to refund any or all of the money that Liberal Party members from Central Nova have given in donations or for party memberships, now that you have given up on the riding?

For Ms. May: If this deal is for the greater good, why not now step aside from the race and allow the NDP candidate (runner up party in the last election) to win the riding from Mr. Mackay?

For M. Dion: Along the same lines as the last question for Ms. May. If this deal is for the greater good, why is it only good in Central Nova and not in any of the other 306 ridings across this great land?

For Both Ms. May and M. Dion: Why did the Liberals run a candidate in the London by election against Ms. May? How does the excuse that this is a long standing 'tradition' apply now but not then?

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

We really need to keep her off the television debates.

Neo Conservative said...

I was just thinking... if this type of "deal" had occurred between May and the Prime Minister, the press would have been all over "Evil Puppetmaster" Harper and his diabolical master plan.

Interestingly, everyone, except perhaps Chantal Hebert, just assumes Dion is a lightweight who doesn't have the chops to get a couple moves ahead of the opposition.

Which sounds ominously like his death-knell to me.