Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Environmental Sustainability and Me.

Yesterday over at Exactly Right, I read that Ontario is going to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs by the year 2012 in an effort to help save energy, and today I see that the feds have announced a similar plan.

With all the environmental talk that has been coming at me from all sides and sources as of late, and perhaps being a wee bit inspired by Stephane Dion's much repeated words about how money can be made off of a green environment; reading the above stories about the proposed ban has caused a light bulb to go on in my head.

Effective 2012, I am going into the incandescent light bulb black market. It will be a few years before it really gets going but like the shrewd capitalist I am, I will start marketing immediately.


Do you have a chandelier?

A flood light in your yard, or even a flashlight?

Have you been losing sleep about how Kim Mitchell will light his patio lanterns after the ban?

Well worry no more good people of Canada, because the Ardvark will soon be able to help you deal with this draconian ban on Thomas Edison's greatest gift to all humanity. We care not for authority or rules, we just want the good people of this country to be able to bask in the glow that is incandescent light. Coming soon to a back alley or parking lot near you!!

Watch this space for details.

Environmental and economic sustainability are not just slogans of the Liberals, they are what I am all about and I have the record to prove it.

Act now and Ill throw in some social justice for no charge.


A Quantum Liberal said...

Black market for incandescents, lol?

You couldn't pay me to use those in 5 years and most likely CFLS. LED lighting, most likely OLED lighting and possibly even quantum dot lighting will be much more efficient and easier on the brain and eyes than either current CFLs or incandescents. You might as well try selling CRT TVs, they might be worth something to your paleo-con buddies.

hatrock said...

You know what's going to happen? People are going to stockpile on using the old bulbs, especially for areas of the home or business where light is seldom used or that it's just not feasible to use the new ones.

If people are so environmentally conscious and if these bulbs save cash in the long run, then shouldn't the market decide?

Did the gov't step in to prevent CRT monitors and TVs from being produced although flat panel plasma and digital screens were more expensive and more energy efficient?