Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I call BS

I call BullSh#t on the new Liberal ad (found here)

From the ad comes this statement "They said he couldn't do it" and my question to ANY Liberal Party official, Liberal supporter, members of the media or just about anyone else is:

Who exactly said that?

I will not ask what "it" means exactly so not to cloud the issue any more than needed, but if you do have an answer to the above feel free to set me straight about this little piece of propaganda.

Please provide links, quotes, sources, napkins or anything else that may be relevant to support this official statement from the Liberal Party of Canada.

Speaking of "it". What was accomplished during the Montreal climate change conference? Read the press release here. The Invisible Hand nails it here. More talk, more study, more of just about everything that the Liberals are famous for, including a lack of actually getting anything done.

1 comment:

joe said...

The it the ad refers to is the it that Iggy said the libs didn't get done. I trust Iggy more than a silly ad for DeYawn