Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breaking: Belinda Quits!!

Just now from CTV. Belinda Stronach has decided not to run in the next election.

Press release here.

With the numbers we saw yesterday showing Dion is not even the top choice among Liberals for PM, is it any wonder that more and more MPs are leaving the good ship Dion as hit heads for the rocks.

I wonder if ol' Belinda has had any second thoughts about that faithful day when she walked into that press conference with Paul Martin. What might have been indeed?



Anonymous said...

It would've been wiser for her to stay with the Conservatives. She'd be a Cabmin for a useful/real file if she'd stayed (much like Tony Clement).

Scott Hobbs said...

I can't begin to describe how heartbroken I am over this tragic loss... oh wait, I was referring to the leafs missing the playoffs. Oh no wait... I don't like them either.

Anonymous said...

I think the collective intelligence of Ottawa just went up 5% points.
This twat was just bad news from the time she poked her head out of the compost pile.

Anonymous said...

Time to get 'these people' out of politics.

Ardvark said...

Running off with her tail between her legs. Oops, I hope that does not get interpreted wrong.


Anonymous said...

We actually should be thanking her. Belinda's vindictiveness perhaps has bought us another seat in the GTA. Had she announced earlier the formidable MHF would have ran than there and the Libs would be looking good for the hold. Now they have MHF in a yellowdog Toronto riding where she is a wasted talent. Thanks Belinda, nice parting shot at your first political foe.