Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Best of Ardvark: From October 1976

Time might be short this week for blogging and with the House not sitting I figured that it is time to go back deep into the archives for another Best of Ardvark.

This entry from The third week of October 1976. Enjoy.

So does anybody else think that the next Olympic summer games in Moscow might just be the last one ever? After that financial fiasco in Montreal, I cannot see how any future games will ever be able make enough money to cover the cost of construction, never mind hope to turn a profit. In case you haven't figured it out I am still a bit upset about Canada not even winning a single gold medal in Montreal; even more so after that skinny Romanian chick took home 3 golds herself and scored all those perfect 10's. Dad says that most of those commie women are probably more like Klinger from MASH than real women. Mom hates when Dad says stuff like that.


School this week has not been that great, and who would have thought grade 6 would be so hard. Here I am finally at the top of the elementary school food chain and because my marks are so bad I have to study all the time and do not get to enjoy all the benefits of being the big 6th grader. Getting total control of the monkey bars at recess has been a long term goal since grade 2 for most of us. Math as usual is giving me troubles but science is not only getting harder it is also starting to really scare me. Mr. G is teaching us earth science and yesterday he made us all read the Newsweek story about the coming ice age. Great, by the time I am forty I am going to have live in an igloo and probably have to take a dog sled to work every morning. Depressing to say the least.


In politics this week we finally got to see Joe Clark in action against Trudeau after the summer break. Some feel that Joe is not going to turn out to be much of a leader, but everyone forgets that he has always been underestimated and he will grow into the job. He did beat favorite Claude Wagner and that Mulroney guy in the leadership race in February so who knows.

The Quebec election is next month and I think Bourassa will pull out a victory, because if René Lévesque wins I suspect we will be dealing with this problem for probably the next 3o+ years.

Speaking of elections, there was also a by-election this week to replace former Liberal Finance Minister John Turner who quit the Liberals in protest over wage and price controls. I can see why Turner was so upset with Trudeau on this one after PET attacked Bob Stanfield during the election campaign by saying the PC's were going to implement W&PC's, and then Trudeau turned around and did it himself. Dad says that this is just typical Liberal politics, but I really have not paid that much attention to know if it is true. I may be young and naive but if they keep saying one thing and doing another; the label of being hypocrites might just stick to the Liberals for some time.


I think that is about it for now as I have go watch Happy Days in a little while. We just got a new console TV that has a turntable and a radio built right in, and since the Fonz moved over Mr. C's garage this season the show has been a must see. My Brother says that the Fonz must be Canadian because he is always saying "Eh" all the time. I hope the post office takes him because his future as a comedian is not looking that good.

One last thing, I know I have been on record in the past stating that those tartan clad pretty boys, The Bay City Rollers, are probably gay ( 2007 Edit: In 1976 this was a common put down so please no letters) and that their music sucks, but I just love their new cover of Dusty Springfield's old song. I just had a crazy thought; wouldn't it be nice if somehow I could let you guys listen to the song and read this at the same time, that would be so cool. I doubt I will be able to see anything like that in my lifetime because I hope all of the scientists would be working on saving the planet from another ice age rather than on silly ideas like that, besides I doubt it would ever be popular anyway.

(2007 edit)

It is a good thing that this computer dairy thing will never catch on, because if some of this stuff ever became public, it would be hard to live down.


(2007 edit) Dusty's Version from 1964
another from Dutch TV


Brian Lemon said...

A tour de forece, Aard!!! Brilliant.

Ardvark said...

Thanks Brian.


Halfwise said...

Eerily prescient! Any comments in the archives about Japanese car sales eventually overtaking Rambler? It could happen...