Saturday, October 14, 2006

You be the Judge?

Canada should be looking beyond the US for trading partners or so says Liberal blogger Werner Patels. Included in among his reasons for doing so is because this woman "is showing more and more of her hostility towards Canada in her remarks."

I know it is hard to believe but Judge Judy has become anti-Canadian and now we must take our trade elsewhere.

Shocked? I know I am as this development in Canada US relations was previously unknown by myself, and I am sure it was to many others as well.

There is more including "the Americans violated a post-1812 treaty and commenced military operations in the Great Lakes region, poisoning Canadians' lake water with tons of lead in the process." and this bit "The Bush administration is playing nicy-nice with Stephen Harper, but once Harper's back is turned, out come the daggers from behind."

I leave will leave you to be the ''judge" if we should drop those Canadian haters to the south, but will offer one last bit of advice. Gerard, this guy looks like cabinet material so you had better snap him up before one of the other leadership candidates grabs him for themselves.



OttawaCon said...

Patels is such an idiot that I never read anything he writes - appreciate your efforts in extracting the comically stupid from all the other kinds of stupid

DarrenL said...

We should really start a collection of such blogs and post them during elections. This man is so unaware of Canada's trading history that he could be the poster-boy for the misinformed.

This also gives rise to the argument for an IQ test for the right to vote.

No...let's make him the poster-boy. It would be more fun than watching a Liberal Leadership Convention.

Ardvark said...

I still can't get over his use of 'Judge Judy'. I mean if he had used Judge Wapner maybe, but the use of JJ goes beyond reason. =)