Monday, October 23, 2006

Round up Time

I have been busy at work (not that anyone out there cares) , so I will now do a recap of some of the events of the last week that I was unable to comment on due to that pesky thing called work.

The environment was a hot topic with the release of the clean air act. The response from the left, including the clueless Liberals, was for the most part typical and worse yet was an example of playing politics with a serious issue. Steve Janke has a nice post here about the politics of the environment.

I used the word clueless about the Liberals because the facts about their environmental policies speak volumes about the all talk no action party. Stephen Taylor does a good job as always busting up Liberal spin on the CPC plan when they themselves have no plan. Spending billions of taxpayer dollars buying credits on some kind of global carbon market is not a plan, it is just plain stupid, but just another example of a Liberal 'big plan' that goes nowhere and costs us all bigtime.

Even some the candidates for the LPC leadership agree with me,"the chosen one" Iggy said "We didn't get it done", and Ken Dryden added his "we didn't get it done", (approx 7:50) when speaking about the Liberal record on the environment. This of course sent former environment minister Stephane Dion into a tizzy where he whined "This is unfair" and this gem at the end "do you think it is easy to make priorities?" (Video here approx 2:30)

That last comment from Dion could be the entire CPC election campaign for the next election.
"Do you think it is easy to make priorities?" I don't know Stephane, ask PM Harper as he seems to be able to do it just fine. It kind of sums the differences between the two parties in 9 simple words doesn't it?

Garth Turner was big news for a few days and while I managed to be the first of the Blogging Tories get a post up on the breaking news of his suspension, I did not have time to comment on the subject.

This move should not have come as a surprise to anyone who has read Garth's blog, and even less of a surprise to the man himself.

Garth, I have always respected you, but you acting surprised at this decision is doing no favour to your credibility. You blog is full of examples of where you admit that you are aware of the conflicts, including examples of the warnings, so drop the act and get on with what you want to do. I still have faith in that you will do the right thing, and wish you the best in your decision.

By the way; this is an honest wish on my part, unlike some of those from the left who want to be your new best friend, not for you or your views, but for political gain, I do wish you the best in the future.

Byelections. PM Harper announced that 2 byelections will occur on November 27, 2006. The reaction? You guessed it, outrage from the Liberals, the party famous for calling elections at opportune times for political gain, is upset the PM has called for a vote in ridings where the CPC have little chance of winning. The same Stephen Harper that wound like fixed election dates for the general election in an effort to avoid just what the Liberals are claiming he is doing. The only solution would be for the PM to allow the power to set the date themselves, but I think they might be outraged by that as well.

The dog story: This thing has some legs to it, which is even more reason why he should have just apologised for making a stupid off the cuff reply and be done with it. It also continues to show what the MSM in this country thinks constitutes news. Outraged Liberals seems to = media time.

Early Liberal policy on Afghanistan. This story didn't get play in the news that I expected it would, but that does not make it any less damning.

Is there nothing that these guys do not play politics with?

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