Friday, October 13, 2006

From the Anthill Oct 13th

Some thoughts on a few various topics:

The Oilers are looking a little better than some had predicted. Tonights game against San Jose was a doozy. Down 4-1 about half way through the second period the Oil came back scoring 1 in the second and scoring 4 more in the third period to give them the 6-4 win. Ryan Smyth not only scored a natural hat trick but did so in a mere 2:01 breaking the old record of 2:18 held by, guess who?
I guess you have to add my name to the list of child abusers as well after this UN report was released earlier today. h/t Why doesn't the left just come right out and say parents no longer matter, and declare that the state must raise all children.


The proposed legislation on repeat offenders looks good. Some of the usual suspects are coming out against the legislation and I hope that they remind people of their opposition to this when they are going door to door in the next election.


My Name is Earl has to be the funniest show on TV, it never fails to make me laugh.


Stephen Harper says the darndest things, and continues to play the Liberals like a violin.


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