Friday, November 17, 2006

I want to go back home

I am beginning to wonder if I have entered another dimension where everything is backwards. Case in point the latest news with China. I watched John Manley (among others) today on tv trying to state that the PM is wrong for trying to stand up for human rights in China, and that this might hurt Canadian trade with the worlds most populace country.

What the %%$#? I thought the Liberals were the ones that stood up for "Canadian values", and that worrying over potential lost dollars from trade was something the CPC, or the 'party in the back pocket of big business', would be concerned about. Money over human rights from the Libs? Perhaps it is China's support of Kyoto and the environment that the Liberals are trying to defend with their peculiar actions, but it is strange stuff indeed. I am almost expecting an evil Mr. Spock to knock on my door any minute now.

It is nice to see that the Liberals have finally learned that how you treat and respect your trading partners can effect the economy, but it also makes me wonder where this worry was, or even is, when they constantly bash our largest trading partner with whom we share a common border with.Crazy bizzarro stuff to be sure, the next thing you know the Liberals will be inviting US politicians to speak at their leadership convention.

Bring me back to my dimension please; this place scares me and is making me lose my mind. Here the 'nazi like neo cons" not only support the Jews but they are trying to clean up the environment, and I swear that just the other day I heard that Bob Rae was running for the Liberal leadership against a guy who lived in the US for over 20 years!

Beam me up Scotty, take me back home.


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