Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's voting time

In about 5 minutes I will be heading out the door and casting my vote for the next leader of the Alberta PC party who in turn will also become the next Premier of this great province.

The weather is crappy as the temperature currently sits around the minus 23 mark and looks to be heading lower, the roads are still a mess with the winds and drifting snow from the last few days having taken their toll, and I can't find my good gloves for my walk to the polling station at a nearby school. My situation is not so bad, but I am beginning to wonder how the weather may disrupt the turnout and how this could effect the outcome of today's vote.

Local organization and the ground game are going to be big factors today, but perhaps it will be the commitment level of voters that will make the difference. I guess time will tell, but those candidates with large rural support and those whose support might be best categorized as soft, may be in for some disappointment when the results are announced.

Now where did I put those gloves?

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