Thursday, November 30, 2006

JD wants it too much.

If Jim Dinning loses the leadership vote on Saturday will he run in the next election and sit as an MLA? I would love to see anyone (in particular the MSM) ask him that question.

I have made comments in this blog in the past about why I do not want Jim Dinning to be the next leader of the Alberta PC Party, but I have never stated what really bothers me about him. So here goes: He wants it too much, and he has run his campaign thinking that it would be a coronation (not to be confused with the Quebecois nation).

I really do question this guys motives, which appear to me to more for himself than for the good of Alberta. The Paul Martin comparison again raises its ugly head when you look how Martin was driven to become PM at any cost, but once that goal was attained he had no idea what to do with the position and we had to live with the results. I fear that Dinning is cut from the same cloth and will not do a good job as the Premier of Alberta; which is standing up for Alberta and doing what is right for the province. If this guy would have actually campaigned with ideas instead of trying to maintain his 'chosen one' status and not rock the boat, I might not now be so worried. He didn't and has not shown any signs of leadership ability and therefore is not worthy of my vote.

I want someone who will stand up for Alberta, and yes that includes standing up to a Harper government. I want to see real ideas, real leadership and most of all a real commitment to this province, her people, and conservative principles. For myself that man is Ted Morton and on Saturday after working a 12 hour night shift I will stay awake and go cast my ballot for Ted and for Alberta.

Oh and it also doesn't hurt that Ted drives the lefties (from all over the country) nuts. Their dislike of him in itself is a good reason for Alberta conservatives to cast their ballot for Ted.



Alberta Girl said...

For the last two years, I have heard how Jim Dinning was the front runner - well it wasn't until the last couple of weeks when the MSM started to show the candidates that I actually saw the guy.

He (and the media - and therefore, Albertans) has expected to be the winner. This must come as a big shock to him that many Albertans do not want him as leader.

His big mistake that will most likely cost him the election - he showed his Liberal colors by pulling out the "scare tactics".

Albertans are much too savy to fall for that. So now we have an ABBD movement.

Could'nt happen to a nicer guy!

Oh - and I would love to see anyone in the media ask him why - as a Conservative - he wrote a cheque to Paul Martin ( I do realize the circumstances - however if Ted Morton had written a cheque to some right wing organization, the MSM would be all over it).

Anybody But Dinning, please!!!

wilson61 said...

The Federal Liberals can not allow the shift of power to the West, as seems to be happening, that would destroy their base.
If the Fed Libs are successfull in uniting the left (by stealing Green and Dipper platforms) I have no doubt what so ever, that big bad Alberta will be asked to open it's cheque book.
The sooner the Libs take back Canada, the more likely Alberta will be a pawn in their drive to win back Ontario/Quebec seats.

Alberta's Anne is pushing for proportional representation.

It seems that Ontarians have forgiven Boob Rae for destroying their economy for a generation.

All three candidates are good men.

Dinning has his support in the big cities and corporations, if that isn't Liberal, what is?
Dinning has attacked Morton as being scary and dangerous. If that isn't Liberal, what is?

Please don't give my province to the Liberals.
Vote Morton.

Ardvark said...

I am looking forward to the debate tonight on TV, it should be interesting to see how desperate JD really is.

The media is all over this now that the coronation is not guaranteed. Last Saturday I had to search all over to get any news on what was going on, while this week the local tv stations are not only televising the debate but are also saying that they are going to break into programming Saturday for updates.