Friday, November 10, 2006

A roast isn't just a chunk of meat.

The Ralph and Belinda Show (which I blogged about Wednesday) continues to make waves today as it gets more blog time and the MSM tries to make a big deal out of it.

Lighten up people; this was a roast and comments such as this are not only common place but they are also more or less to be expected from the guest of honour and those that roast them.

Why any MSM organization would choose to run a comment/joke made at a roast as news makes for an interesting question. Do they not know what a roast is, or could it be for some other reason like pure shock value, for ratings, or....? I do not know the answer, but using quotes from such an event is not only bad journalism, it should make these reporters former journalism professors slap them in the head for being so stupid. News is supposed to be based on some type of truth and reality; at a roast reality and truth are left at the coat-check in exchange for a few non politically correct laughs.

I know Godwin's law did not exist when this clip from one of Dean Martin's famous celebrity roasts was filmed and I doubt that something like this would make it on tv in today's politically correct world, but I can imagine what the headline might look like in the paper the next day if it did:

Scooby Doo a Nazi!!

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