Thursday, November 09, 2006

EDA Update: Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

On Nov 2, current EMB MP Mike Lake received news that he had been acclaimed as the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate in Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont for the next Federal Election.

For those not familiar with the situation, Mike was expecting a challenge from Tim Uppal for the nomination, but that did not materialize as Tim Uppal has decided to try his luck right next door in the EDA of Edmonton - Sherwood Park, where current MP Ken Epp has announced he will not run in the next election. More info here.

And a final update to this story: Tim eventually went on to win in Edm- Sherwood Park in a tight race, and congratulations are due. Well played Mr.Uppal, you have proven yourself to be good politician and will do well in Ottawa as the MP for Edm-Sherwood Park.

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