Friday, November 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

At least if you are a conservative that is.

Did anyone catch the press scrum after the PM's announcement regarding the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, in Montreal earlier today?

Do yourself a favour and read or watch it now. Paul Wells has text of it here. CTV News video here and here.

The PM knocks another one over the fence, and in Gilles home park no less! Also as a little stocking stuffer, the PM looked very media friendly in doing so.


Another gift, although from an unlikely source, would be Rick Mercier's rant this week. Rick sees what everyone else in the country sees with the position the PM has taken on China and human rights; that is everyone else but the Liberals. Ht: to another late night blogger, Jarrett .


Earlier in the week we had the announcement about reverse onus for bail being granted those arrested for gun crimes, at which lefty Toronto Mayor David Miller and Ontario's Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty stood by PM Harper as he made the announcement. Combine that with the standing ovation the PM received in the House of Commons earlier in the week and you can see that the spirit of the season has overtaken the opposition and the PM's detractors. Well, it is either that or people recognize good policy when they see it. I lean more towards the good policy argument myself, but it is the festive season.


Also from earlier in the week, Canadians of present day as well as those of future generations received a bit of Christmas cheer when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty gave us his financial update. Paying down the debt is good, just take a look at your credit cards in January and try to tell me different.


All in all it has been a wonderful week to be a Conservative, and Prime Minister Harper has given us all a look at something Canadians haven't seen much of under their trees for a number of years. Leadership folks, its called leadership and it's a gift that keeps on giving.

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