Friday, April 29, 2011

Rallying the base: Thanks Jack!

If there is one thing that should gets conservatives out to vote on Monday it is the threat of Jack Layton as PM.

Please remind everyone you know or run into over the next couple of days just how important it is to get out to the polls on Monday, and if you are having trouble convincing them just have them repeat the phrase " Jack Layton as Prime Minister" a couple of time for it to sink in.

The post I put up the day the government fell still applies today, even more so.

This is nowhere near being over and there is still much work to do. Lets get it done.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself a small 'c' conservative, but on Monday, I will be voting for whatever party has the best chance of beating the CPC in my riding.

the CPC is supposed to be about fiscal conservatism, small reduced-role, government, and freedoms.

Instead they've been responsible for the largest debt and deficit in canadian history, have engaged a relentless attack on our democratic institutions, and have muzzled their own MPs consistently and controlled what can and cannot be said.

I am VERY engaged by the movement in politics this election, and will be voting AGAINST the CPC for the first time.

paulsstuff said...

Sure. You are a small c conservative, and are going to vote for a socialist or left-leaning party.

Spare me.

Ardvark said...

Paulsstuff is correct. No small c conservative would ever vote for the NDP.

climatecriminal said...

a supposed small c conservative voting for the liberals is highly suspect, one voting for the NDP is clear proof of insanity; on the vast majority of issues the radial socialist NDP position is directly opposite of any real conservatie small c or otherwise

Anonymous said...

Whatever you consider yourself to be, you are not a 'small c' conservative. No small 'c' conservative would even consider, in their wildest dreams, striking a ballot for the NDP in this election.

You obviously don't know Jack!

maryT said...

Why did we have to go into a deficit, I remember the threat by the coalition and their demands. As for broken promises, why were they broken, because the coalition opposition refused to support them.
They are the problem not the PM, he tried. Who wouldn't pass laws to allow senators to be elected, provincial premiers, blame them. And a liberal senate majority voted against term limits.
They have been planning this coalition since before the 2008 election. We have the tape to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. YOU sound like any other narrow minded entitled looser. If a given party does not do exactly what YOU want when YOU want(even when they are in a minority situation)the bitching,complaining kicks in. Parties are better off without your type so go vote for whoever the hell YOU want nobody really cares.

Rob C

MONSTER said...

I had a epiphiny. I turned to the left. I was gonna call Linda Duncans office up and offer Smiling Jack a hand. Till I saw the news and saw that he had allready had one.