Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chantal Hébert: Liberals face a walloping in Quebec.

Just a teaser: "Short of a game-changer between now and May 2, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals will take a beating in Quebec next month."  Read the rest here.

While I hope what Chantal wrote accurately reflects the situation in Quebec, I am not counting on it and I am going to work my butt off on the local level to get that majority without having to rely on Quebec. That would be sweet wouldn't it.  Also a majority gov't would be much more effective if they had to deal with a PQ gov't at some point in the future, which is something a Bloc backed coalition could never hope to achieve.

We can get it done but it will not be easy as the last couple of weeks are going to be crucial with the desperation of the left/opposition only intensifying as May 2nd approaches. All hands on deck!


WTF said...

She likely looked at the calendar and figured she better say something now to get liberals to actually vote.

wilson said...

The Iffy Libs getting a walloping in Quebec just elects more Bloc MPs.
It could make the Bloc the Official Opposition because the Dipper rise in support in Quebec just splits the federalist vote.

PMSHs majority is to be found in the ROC.
Last election the CPC won 57% of the ridings in the ROC,
gotta get that score over 60% to beat the coalition of losers.

Every seat counts, not just in Ontario, but across the country.

VERY important to Get Out The Vote.

wilson said...

If you will permit AA,
here is a list of CPC candidates in Western Canada that need your help NOW.
These races are so so close:

-Burnaby Douglas
-Esquimalt Juan de Fuca
-North Vancouver (our CPC incumbent is under attack by an antiHarper group...and is behind

-Edmonton Center
-Edmonton Strathcona

-Elmwood Transcona
-St Bonifice
-Winnipeg South

Ardvark said...

No problem Wilson. We need all the help we can get to getthat majority. sitting at home isn't going to cut it.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen. Too many lint-pickers in Ontario. They still can't bring themselves to give the Conservatives what they gave the Liberals - 100+ seats. The ROC have already made up their minds, last election. We're still waiting for Ontario. Dum de dum de dum. hmmmmmm. Harper he's scarey etc. boo hoo.

Not enough money involved, I guess.

wilson said...

Yes, anon, BUT Ontarians still have to look at the alternative:

Anonymous said...

Chantel nailed it about a week ago when she said "We are watching the plunking of the Liberal goose by the NDP and Tories right before our eyes."