Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unanswered questions from November 2008 and some from today.

October 14th 2008: Canada holds a federal election resulting in a conservative minority government.

November 19th 2008: The Speech from the Throne.

November 27th 2008: The Government releases its economic update

November 29th 2008: The NDP hold a conference call telling their MPs about the secret coalition talks with the Liberals and Bloc.

In the taped conversation (highlights below in video, with complete version available here. pt1 and pt 2) Jack Layton speaks about the secret negotiations with the Liberals and the Bloc on a coalition and the NDP role. Calling it a "catalytic role actually" and bragging about how the NDP were the "glue" for all of this and how they had "prepared for the opportunity" and because they had made those preparations early they were ready when an opportunity came up.

Of note are the following quotes from Jack Layton:

"This whole thing would not have happened if the moves hadn't been made with the Bloc to lock them in early."   "The first part was done a long time ago, um I won't go into details."

To my knowledge Jack Layton has NEVER stated exactly when those negotiations with the Bloc first started and I am unsure if he was even specifically asked that question by our MSM at any time since Nov 2008. Thomas Mulcair at the time stated that his party started talking with the Bloc only after the government's Nov. 19 Throne Speech, but if you listen to Layton's words it seems clear that these negotiations had begun more than just one week (The first part was done a long time ago) before this conference call occurred and for all we know the talks could have started 1 month earlier during the election campaign itself.

So here we are 2 1/2 yrs later and in another election campaign where the MSM are following the leaders across the country and covering their every word.  Isn't it about time that they asked Jack Layton to come clean on the 2008 negotiation time-line details and more importantly ask ALL of the leaders if ANY such negotiations ( by anyone within their respective parties) have occurred recently or are occurring at this time?

The MSM blew it on their coverage in 2008. Will they do the same thing in 2011?

Do your job and ask the damn questions that Canadians want to know about!


bartinsky said...

Keep it up Aard, this is the most important election of our time. This snake from Harvard was steeped in the same stew as Cass Sunstein his wife Samantha or Obama the billionair and the Van Jones etal. His only objective is to hand over Canadas reins to the UN, think of your children people, if you sit on your asses and don't vote Harper a majority, explain to them why they can't start a business or go where they want when they want someday soon etc. Harper has done a great job while putting up with an vicious media and this bunch of coalitionistas.

wilson said...

"The first part was done a long time ago, um I won't go into details."

That's easy,
Bob Rae joined the Liberal party to to till the ground for a coalition/merger, from within.

"Expert" Tom said...

The big mistake they made the first time around was to vote for the throne speach and allow Harper to get the confidence of the house and be P.M. thus giving him the levers of power he needed to porogue. I doubt they will make that mistake this time around. It's CPC majority or bust.

hatrock said...

Is anyone asking how much PowerCorp is involved in all this?

L said...

For sure, this is still on, and I would think Power Corps is in the picture. They want to steal Canada from the voters.

maryT said...

The official results of the election will take about 2-3 months to be announced by EC. Depends on recounts, appeals etc. That could take up to July 1st and the Royal Visit. Then the PM could wait till after summer to call the HofC back, and present the SFTT, maybe in Oct. If he has a large minority, that would give the voters lots of time to protest a possible coup. The GG just might say NO, and call another election.

Ardvark said...

If they are all about honesty, as they claim in their campaigns, than answering these questions should not be an issue.

The only problem is the MSM don't bother to ask them.

Anonymous said...

AA..... Send this to Lavent or Adler at SUN NEWS.

Rob C

Jen said...

AA, I agree with Rob C., send it to SUNTV.