Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Advice the Liberals ignored. 3 elections in a row!

The Liberals are in trouble in the 2011 campaign and just like 2006 and again in 2008 they have decided to go negative and again trot out the  The Campaign of Fear™ in an effort to scare Canadians into not voting for a Conservative government.
It won't work this time either and the Liberals were advised years ago by one of their top strategists as to why. The advice rings even truer today.

(Warren Kinsella)

January 5th, 2006:
Dear guys: it won't work. Did last time, won't this time. Have a nice two weeks, and good luck in your return to the Liberian shipping industry.

As I related to a group of scary-smart U of T political science students last night, there are three reasons for this:

One, every Canadian who is not comatose understands that Harper can't form a majority government, even if he wants to, and he does. Paul Martin's top-notch handling of the Quebec file means federalism is hooped in la belle province for the forseeable future. The numbers for a majority aren't there. Folks know that.

Two, (Shameless Book Plug Alert) as noted in no less an authority than Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, in order for an attack ad to work, it has to be factual or, at the very least, plausible. The Liberals' planned Harper Is Satan™ campaign is not plausible. Canadians have now had a couple years to see how Harper operates. He isn't neceessarily(sp) someone you'd cuddle with on the basement couch to watch 'Friends' reruns, but neither is any other politician. In this case, familiarity breeds a comfort level.

Three, as my sage pal John Wright opined a while ago, Canadians gathered around family Christmas/Hannukah tables at the end of last month and came to a collective decision: we want change, and if Harper's the only way to achieve that, so be it. Pass the cranberries.

Kinsella was right and again later in the same year he said almost the same thing. This time in a more concise way, but just as true.

October 16th, 2006: "The problem is that Stephen Harper doesn’t really scare Canadians anymore, or possibly never did. That’s the Grits’ problem. "

But they didn't listen in '06, and again in '08. Why would they bother to listen in 2011?

Lies, fear and smear. It is all they got.


fernstalbert said...

Liberals have a reflex move to look for the "big man" to carry them over the majority line. Not once in the past 5 years did they do the hard work of policy development or build up the grassroots of the party. Looks good on them. Jack is scary and the Liberals were wearing blinders - they never saw him gaining on the their left flank. Cheers.

The Trusty Tory said...

Gee, what a surprise. The Liberal Party of Canada thinks it knows what Canadians want to hear. And, what a surprise again - they're dead wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the "Liberal Family Pack". You have to be a complete douche to

1) believe they would implement these programs
2) they would actually help you
3) that you would qualify for the program

Iggy was asked about inflation on the trail and his answer was his Liberal Family Pack. The press just said ok sounds good. Meanwhile his reckless spending program will actually make inflation WORSE.

Rural and Right said...

Puffins with guns ... in our cities ... Canadian cities ... we are not making this up ...

burpnrun said...

The Big Con.

Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between: http://burpnrun.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-con.html

Anonymous said...

Iggy, for all his supposed intelligence has done nothing but fight over the left and extreme left vote. Every policy he trots out is just more socialist garbage that won't appeal to the hardcore extremist left wing loons who stick with their pseudo-communist NDP pals

Thucydides said...

Why vote for faux socialist Liberal policies when you can get the real thing with Jack?

Anonymous said...

Warren couldn't find three mistakes in a KFC Tuesday three pack. (real conservative)