Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jack Layton says his cap and trade carbon plan will not increase gas prices.

From Rosemary Barton with Layton on the campaign trail: Layton on cap-and-trade: will it increase gas prices? No.

He may be right in one aspect. The NDP plan won't JUST increase gas prices, it will increase the price on everything including home heating which he claims that he wants to reduce and is a major part of his platform.


Sorry Jack, but when business gets hit with any type of increase, taxes or otherwise, it gets passed on to their customers in the end, and someone who wants to be PM should know this and be honest enough to admit it.

Update: Jack Mintz has determined that the NDP policy will raise gas prices by $0.10/litre, rising by 2014 to an additional $0.18/litre.

Layton goes after oil companies.


Bec said...

Jack's a fool!
We should ask Jack how those bus companies (the environmetalists, love buses) will adjust their fares when they are paying more to fill up the monster buses.

What about the trucks that transport goods across the country when he cancels the Free Trade Agreements.

How about he attack the Automobile Industry where his union buddies hang out?

The list goes on and we haven't even touched on what will happen when he increases the Corporate Taxes.....Gawd, this is a nightmare!

Ardvark said...

I don't remember who said it but: the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money.

There is only 1 pool for gov't dollars and that is the Canadian taxpayer who pays for it ALL in the end.

Don said...

Ardvark: It was Margaret Thatcher.

And Jack's definitely not thinking straight. If you raise taxes, prices will necessarily have to rise as well.

Anonymous said...

If you think that Jacko Leninlite's strutting around like a teenaged peacock because polls say he'll beat the Count is ridiculous now, wait until he does,he'll be even more unbearable.


ChuckT said...

Jack Mintz has had to revise his previous prediction. He had assumed that the Cap and Trade system proposed by the NDP would include the fossil fuels that consumers use.

The NDP corrected him on this. Apparently firms that produce oil, natural gas and coal would not have to bear the much higher cost for the eventual emissions from the fossil fuels they produce, just the cost of the energy used to produce it.

Mr. Mintz notes that such a cap and trade system would be comparatively weak and "unlikely to generate the size of revenues that the NDP is projecting."

It strikes me funny that the NDP are giving this huge break to Big Oil after constantly accusing the Cons of the same thing. :D