Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think it may be time for some Liberal EDA's to start worrying.

Rumors were circulation before the start of the election that the Liberal Party of Canada was having trouble obtaining a bank loan to finance any possible upcoming election campaign and that some of the financially better off Liberal EDA's had to co-sign and provide 'collateral' in order for them to receive a bank loan.

I personally do not know the details or if any of that is true but it sort of makes sense looking at it from the perspective of any bank. They were being asked to loan money to a political party with fund-raising difficulties and who were behind in the polls, in order to fight an election that if they lost would cut off their prime source of income. ( Proposed Conservative plan to stop taxpayer funded party subsidies)  When presented with the above it is easy to see why a bank would be looking for some sort of collateral before approving such a potentially risky loan.

If those rumours are true, I think it might be time for those EDA's that may have provided collateral for the Liberal Party to obtain a loan to start worrying.

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