Saturday, April 09, 2011

If the CPC comes up 1 or 2 seats short of a majority...

Will you be able to say to yourself that you did all that you could have done to help win those seats?

A majority is possible and within reach, but it is going to take every conservative in the country to help make it so. Get out and get active in any way that you can. It all matters.


wilson said...

If we come that close to a majority,
the popular vote count will become a big issue re: the coalition of losers....

very very important to get out the vote!

Bosch said...

So far the parties have made their best arguments for simply staying home. Most of the stuff they've been putting out is why voting for the other guy is a bad idea - not so much about what to vote for. I can easily do the "don't vote for the other guy" thing best by staying home. I'm probably further right that many in the CPC party and so far, I'm finding their campaign a total frustration.

Anonymous said...

Bosch wtf seriously? Do you really want a leftist coalition government with the NDP playing a major roll and the Bloc calling some of the shots? If not you know what to do. It does matter.

Ardvark said...

I know it sounds sort of cliche but I would seriously have a hard time sleeping if we did come up short and I hadn't put forward the effort I knew I could.

This is the 4th election in 7 years and I do not want to do this again in a year or 2 and have to put up with all of the opposition games and watered down CPC polices that come from having to appease an opposition in a minority situation in the meantime.

Neo Conservative said...

yawn. another election that won't change anything. i'm staying home.


Jan said...

"yawn. another election that won't change anything. i'm staying home".
That's where you're wrong. If Conservatives don't win a majority, (which is what the Opposition is counting on),
EVERYTHING will change as the "coalition" will vote non-confidence at the first opportunity, then go to the GG to form the "coalition". And I guarantee you won't like it!
Your vote counts. It was bought and paid for by our veterans.

Patsplace said...

Trolls will advocate for "staying home, that it's not worth it, that we're all going to die so why try" as they too are doing their best for the lefty coalition. It's not only the Conservatives that are working hard.

Miles Lunn said...

I think if the Tories came that close to a majority that would probably be able to get one from there. All they would have to do is a bribe a few opposition members to cross the floor and promise them cabinet posts and if that doesn't work, give some patronate appointments to those in ridings they nearly won as the Tories have the most motivated base so they tend to perform better in by-elections than general elections. Also there is the Independent factor. If Andre Arthur, Helena Guergis, or James Ford get elected, the Tories could probably count on their votes or if needed ask them to join their caucus.

As for the coalition, the Liberals are not stupid enough to try it again unless the election is really close. If the Tories won by only 10 seats then it might happen, but otherwise I doubt it will happen despite what some are saying.

maryT said...

Neo, is that you or your alter ego. There is only one choice on May 2nd, vote conservative or for the Bloc as any vote for lib/ndpp is a vote or the bloc. Justin tweeted today that if a minority conservative govt is elected yes the coalition will defeat it asap.
Oh, and iggy trying to gain sympathy for the debate, he is nervous, his first debate, raspy voice. What a load of BS, didn't he debate Dion, you didn't get it done. And wasn't he a tv host years ago. His handlers and media darling will say he won, if he is still standing/sitting at the end.
Questions are supposed to be from mailed in sent by viewers. Hope they don't take time to make a speech before finally asking a question, aka Terry and Roger.

Neo Conservative said...

uh, folks... did anyone try clicking on the n/c blogger id above?

it's simply my biggest fan... desperately trying, yet again... to get my attention.

apparently this sad little creature has been trolling the entire bt blogroll all day long leaving comments like this.

'cos that's how the lunatic left rolls.

thx to maryt for letting me know what was happening.


Ardvark said...

The left are getting desperate. Expect that to escalate as the campaign goes on.

I will leave the impostors comment up.