Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Impartial jury, my ass. The real contempt.

If you were charged with an offence and at your trial you noticed that your accuser was the foreman on your jury, which was made up entirely of his relatives and friends, do you believe that you would get a fair trial and that justice would honestly be served in your case?

That could never happen in Canada you say?

Well it did happen, and it happened in the House of Commons. The only real difference is that in the H of C that jury foreman, the same guy who made the accusations in the first place, had the power to whip the jury on the verdict vote?

I am of course writing about the contempt of Parliament charges which brought down the Government. The opposition made the contempt accusations, they formed the jury, and that jury was, in the most unjust and undemocratically way possible, WHIPPED into voting on what was essentially the verdict. Not exactly as fair and as 'democratic' as the opposition is spinning it as the entire process was rigged from the start entire to get a result they wanted. 

Parliament didn't speak; Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe were the ones doing the talking as they took away the choice of elected representatives to speak for themselves and their constituents on a something that should always be above petty politics. Just having them think otherwise is more than enough reason not to vote for any of them or their parties, and reason why we need to work for a strong conservative majority.

Time to stop the games. Parliament is to there serve Canadians, and not political parties and the opportunists that run them.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal speaker Milliken was the judge, the coalition were the jury and the rat media were the hangmen. Canadians will get the last word in this massive smear job and boot the coalition's a$$ and give PM Harper the majority he earned. Too bad their are some dumb sheep out their who actually believe biased CBC/CTV/Global/Cpac.

Ardvark said...

In an election the real jury speaks.


Do any members of our goverment have a mind of their own, whether they are members of any party they do as their leaders say.
Althought I can say other then the conservatives we have seen members of other parties show they have a mind of their own and vote against their party.

Ardvark said...

TOF, Government MP's generally do support gov't legislation.

If you are talking about private members bills there are lots of examples of CPC voting on opposite sides of each other. BTW it was Ignatieff who, for the first time in history, whipped the Liberals on a private members bill.

Jen said...

If this ever occured in a 'court of law' either lawyer (def or pros) will ask for a mistrial.

The conservatives had asked for witnesses of the opposition to appear e.g. Libby Davies regarding to EC, but as usual, the opposition said no.

Can you imagine, that your life in on the line and your def lawyer asked for certain witnesses of the proscuetor to appear and the prosecuetor says no, the judge says no. What do you think will be the outcome.

Can you image a judge in a court of Law allowing the likes of PAT MARTIN to make those derogatory comments to a witnesse; the judge would censor him.

The opposition party members in that kangaroo court would put all conservatives and others who defy them in a concentration camp without hesistation.
You know what? I believe that they will do just that.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives have their platform and the mandate from the people to execute it.There have been votes where Conservatives didn't vote with the party. Liberals just don't show up to vote...cowards.

Ardvark said...

The record of accomplishment by this gov't is truly amazing considering a minority and the daily games and smears from the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Ardvark said...
In an election the real jury speaks.

That's a nice thought and the proper one. I just think there are so many ill informed voters out there that on election night simply turn on their evening news and vote as directed.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Steven Harpers HONEST govt. of over 5 years, have been able to do anything with the pit of vipers, Iggula Jack and Jill on the left side, and the seething self loathing cluster humping media/CBC CTV Globe Starwipe Bourque on the other left side, is amazing. It is a testament to the organization skills of this Honest group who have brought Canada respect amoungst the worlds business class. Remember the 62cent dollar and brown bags of cash under the THEIVING Lieberalz. Never again, it is the economy and JOBS. Thanks Steven Harper, I speak for all intelligent Canadians.

bartinsky said...

Sorry Ard; I'm not sure about computers, my name is Bartinsky, I hit the wrong button. Great site, we must keep up the pressure to greatness, a Harper majority, like I said above. Forget, Remember the Alamo, lets have a Canadian version; " Remember the 62cent Dollar" thanks

P Kuster said...

What I tell my lefty friends is that this so-called committee with it's opposition majority could have found a block of cheese in contempt if they wanted to. That was a trumped up excuse to avoid bringing down the gov't based on the budget.

Jen said...

P. Kuster,
I wouldn't put my dog in front of that committee.