Friday, April 22, 2011

Edmonton Strathcona Update: Complaint filed with Elections Canada.

The Hastman campaign has filed an official complaint with Elections Canada alleging that 550 names on the Edmonton-Strathcona registered voters list are linked to addresses that don't exist or are invalid. It seems that many of these addresses are linked to businesses, including a gas station and industrial companies, an empty field, storage lockers and private mail boxes.   "My team went through the entire voters list with a fine tooth comb and uncovered hundreds of illegitimate addresses," Hastman said. "It’s important that only valid addresses are included in the voters list."

And he is correct.

For those not aware: Edmonton Strathcona is currently the only non CPC riding in Alberta. It has been a political hot spot for some time and with the election has become a real political battlefield that I can guarantee you will show up on whatever channel you will be watching for election results May 2nd.

Spotted recently while door knocking in Edmonton Strathcona. The rare and elusive Liberal sign with the added bonus of it being in the same yard as a CPC sign! 

On a more serious note: Here is what is happening on a daily basis to CPC signs in Edm Strathcona.



L said...

The Elections Canada database is very bogus. I have a relative who left in 2000 and I still get her voter card.

Ardvark said...

But your address and relative are real. The addresses, and possibly the people associated with those addresses, are bogus or do not exist.

Archie said...

It would be a good idea that every riding with a university located in it to check their voter lists. Almost sounds like the same stunt that was used in Anne McLellan's riding, until they were caught and lost the election. Could it be someone is taking lessons from the liberals, like the NDP. Jack you have some explaining to do.

Bec said...

Um,didn't the 2008 vote boil down to around this #?

I feel so let down by EC and if I wasn't a political junkie, would never hear about these issues which is what happens with the majority of Canadians.

Where else is this happening and what's next? This organization grades an F !

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Does anyone ever do an audit of Elections Canada?

Jen said...

Send this piece of information not only to EC but to the SUNTV, David RUTHERFORD as well. A verification to them that it was also sent to EC.
Forget about sending it to the pathetic msm they are too busy shaping and reshaping their coalition parties.
Yeah, if you send it(your findings to David and Suntv beforehand it would could might force EC to do something about.

maryT said...

My son just said, what is wrong with voting on Easter Monday, after all it was an Easter Monday when Canada became a nation, with our attack on Vimy Ridge. He thinks we should again become a nation by voting Conservative majority against the coalition enemy.

Anonymous said...

While the noted problems with the voters list are "scary" - even worse is the idea that someone will be showing up at the polls with government-issued photo id confirming their "residence" on a vacant lot or in a mailbox.

wilson said...

'Does anyone ever do an audit of Elections Canada?'

Joanne, the AG did a 'performance audit' EC in 2005, the same kind of audit that found what's her name incompetent.
So no audit since EC has become extension of the LPC, when CPC won govt in 2006.

A Harper majority will certainly see to it EC gets an audit.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Immigration authorities should be hovering at the polling stations to scoop up anyone who comes in with phony ID.

With today's technology, GPS, Google Street view any officer with a laptop and a rocket stick could determine in seconds if an address exists and is a residence.

msobolewski said...

I walk through the university area(edmonton strathcona) regularly. Have also seen much vandalism of cpc candidate ryan hastman signs.
I reported a large illegal ndp sign at a controlled intersection and was told a bylaw officer wld investigate.The sign is still there.Too many lefties run and work for the city.You can check it out at the intersection of 76 ave and 106 st. Bilzy