Saturday, April 09, 2011

A rarity in Canada: Interview with PM Harper on the issues, and not the ratings grabbing gotcha.

Watch the interview of PM Harper on some of the issues that matter to Canadians that was conducted by Jeff Allan for 570 News in southern Ontario earlier today.

Refreshing wasn't it.


JDot said...

Got to love the Talk radio dudes..

- Contempt of parliament - Check

- F35 - Check

- Veterans - Check

- CPC Platform - Check

- Local job creation - Check

- Deficit - Check

- Environment - Check

- Toronto Maple Leafs - Check

Great interview, tough questions. Only a talk radio guy could hit on all of the above in a 12 minute interview.

Props to Jeff Allan of 570 News. 12 minute interview hitting all those topics. Clap for him..

I am sure a PPG member would spend 12 minutes asking the PM why he does not answer his/her question. Then bitch after the interview, for not having. enough time to hit on all the question Jeff Allan asked..

Talk radio guys really know how to pin down there guest, for a interesting convo..

Awesome interview...

Ardvark said...

Aside from the Leafs question there were no soft balls, and more importantly they were on ISSUES rather than the latest PPG attempts to manufacture 'instability' for ratings.

Anonymous said...

A good interview all round. I actually listened to all of it. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

While we didnt want an election,calling an election has produced an unexpected side effect-ideas.
I got an email about rapid transit and the need to link up our major cities.Other countries like Japan,China and Europe are ahead of us in this field.
Want to get a knockout blow this election?This will probably do it-


Anonymous said...

I listened to Ignatief's interview as well. Quite the contrast!
Iggy danced around the questions, spun the issues, and bombed the interview.
PMSH rocks!!

CanadianSense said...

The TMZ coverage by the usual suspects is turning off the viewers. The ratings speak for themselves.
Our PM and the Conservatives should keep bypassing the broken tired old media gatekeepers.

The ground game will be important to pick up another dozen seats.

Thank you for posting the clip. Can't stomach the garbage from the MSM on the television.

Anonymous said...

I listened to both interviews. What a contrast. Ignatieff thinks sinking the taxpayers into a big black hole is going to create jobs...and education is going to create jobs? Sorry...PM Harper has it right. Thats why we are the envy of the world.I prefer lower taxes, so I can enjoy life...not tax and spend Liberal ideas for their special interest groups to try to win them this election. Ignatieff prefers our soldiers in the military to be falling out of the sky in 40 year old jets. His priority is not lives but education? He needs to go back to teaching at Harvard. PM Harper is a Prime Minister. Iggy is in over his head.

oxygentax said...

I listened to Ignatieff's interview too. I can't say that I was really impressed with it. Maybe it was the format, but I found all the questions allowed him to just spit out his talking points and waste time spitting out his talking points.

I agree, what a contrast.