Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ignatieff: UN if necessary, but not necessarily the UN. Giving away our sovereignty.

For Michael Ignatieff, for today at least, it is the UN if necessary, but not necessarily the UN

Does Michael Ignatieff want to give away our sovereignty by letting the UN dictate where and when Canada's armed forces may be used? 

As usual it is hard to tell because one day Ignatifeff says one thing and the next day it is something else entirely.

Yesterday Michael Ignatieff said the following in the French language debate: “The Canadian army must never be used outside the country without the authorization of the UN,”  but today he seems to be backpedaling somewhat.

He wants us to trust him to be our PM, but honestly how can we when his positions seem to shift around depending on what day it is. Take the following quote as an example: “Well, the UN screwed up in Rwanda, it screwed up in Bosnia — it screws up most of the time,” Ignatieff is quoted as saying in a Maclean’s magazine article in June, 2003. “The United Nations is a messy, wasteful, log-rolling organization.” (must have been a Tuesday) But we are now to forget that he ever spoke those words and let that same messy, wasteful, log rolling organization that screws up most of the time, decide when and where our armed forces be used.

Does anyone really know what this guy honestly believes or where he stands?

Michael Ignatieff: "Politics is theatre. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel."


robins111 said...

I'm not sure what he could do that would be stupider, requiring the UN to give the OK, is akin to having the Quebec construction industry vet all federal building projects

Ardvark said...

Why are you surprised, Ignatieff did want to give the Bloc a veto over gov't policy at one time... or still does. We really don't know.

potato said...

We already know Liberals will bend over for the UN at the drop of a hat. They are centralizers. The further away that power is from the people the better. That's why these imbeciles are so dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Iggy wants the Russians and the Chinese to have more authority than the parliament of Canada when it comes to deploying Canadian troops.

The man is repugnant.

wilson said...

Ignatieff can't make a decision,
that's why he wants to hand off the hard decisions to someone or something else.

This pathetically unqualified person is being considered for government due to one thing,
the media.

If they gave him the same treatment the media gives Harper,
the LPC would be at 18% and the NDP at 28%

Anonymous said...

MI keeps flogging the loss of the seat on the UN Security Council. I am GLAD. UN is nothing more than a corrupt club of dictators and theocrats with their hands out for bribes and distribution of developed countries wealth. Canada stuck to its principles and refused to bash Israel...that's why we didn't get the seat.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Points out some obvious traits in the "Just visiting" candidate.


jad said...

Where does NATO fit into Ignatieff's scheme of things ? The NATO agreement mandates that if any NATO country is attacked, the other NATO countries must respond, as they did after 9/11. It does not envisage waiting for a UN resolution, or allowing a Chinese or Russian veto.

So is he actually trying to say we should not be in NATO, because his statement does not allow for independent NATO action.