Sunday, April 10, 2011

Liberals postpone June national party convention

The Liberal Party of Canada, who are trying to convince you that they can form a government, have decided to postpone their June 2011 party convention presumably because it is too hard for them to run an election campaign and a convention at the same time.

Yet the Conservative Party of Canada seem to have no problems with running a government, an election campaign and planning a June 2011 convention at the same time.

Telling isn't it.

Update: Also telling? Steve Janke gives his take on why this might be happening. Here.

Let the speculation begin as to why the Liberals are postponing what may very well be a Liberal leadership convention?

Rumours that Justin Trudeau was too busy in June have yet to be confirmed.  =)

Gritchick ( a big h/t for convention story) has informed me that the NDP are holding their national convention in June as well. Ouch, Liberals.


paulsstuff said...

The date conflicted with a cottage rental Bob Rae and Rick Mercer have made. Skinnny dipping or politics?

Besides, Ignatieff wants to enjoy the summer as the Harvard courses don't resume till the fall.

Anonymous said...

In June, Ignatieff has to be in Provence to hire the summer staff.

Steve Janke said...

Instead of making jokes, think hard about what would be happening at the convention, and what would be happening in Ottawa.

Ardvark said...

I think you mean 'could be happening in Ottawa'. But either way we need to work hard and get that majority so none of that type of BS happens.

Springer said...

Janke's conclusion matches my first thoughts about this.

One of two things are going to happen post May 2nd...

a) The CPC wins a majority, and Iggy immediately packs it in and heads for the nearest far away place not in Canada, thus necessitating a leadership convention.

b) The CPC wins a minority, and Iggy is too busy with daily sucking up to both Layton and Duceppe in order to keep his coalition government alive for another week or two.

Either scenario pretty much negates the feasibility of a Liberal convention in June.

Joe said...

A simple explanation would be that the Liberals can't afford to hold any kind of convention so soon after the election.

Anonymous said...

Joe., The lieberals can always afford such things. Their 40 mill ad-scam piggy bank stash can't be empty yet.

Rob C

The_Iceman said...

Joe is right. The Liberals are in dire straights financially. They can't afford this convention until they replenish their bank accounts or take power.

Anonymous said...

He won't step down if its a majority Govt for PM Harper either....he wants his PENSION . If its a Conservative minority he will be putting that coalition document into expires June 30th, don't forget.

maryT said...

Sandy at Crux of the Matter has a new post up re headlines for tomorrow. We know that the media already have their stories proclaiming that iggy won.
So, she is first out of the gate with PMSH wins english debate, and she encourages all bloggers to get a similar story out to be on the search engines first.
The PM won just by showing up in the den of lions and stays standing for 2 hours of gotch questions.