Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who better to lead Canada if the Party Quebecois gains power: A CPC majority or a Coalition backed by the Bloc?

The Bloc loves instability in Ottawa and what could possibly create more instability than a Party Quebecois government in Quebec pushing for another referendum at the same time that Gilles and the Bloc Quebecois held the cards in some sort of coalition government.


Monday Update: From the National Post.


Luke said...

I agree. Its just another reason for a stable, national, conservative majority government.

The CPC hasn't been playing the coalition card in Quebec, but I think it might be a factor for federalists who don't want a potential PQ Quebec government having separatist allies in the federal government.

Anonymous said...

Grant the freeloader "quebec" their separation wish. They can leave Canadian currency,passports and world connections behind. They would need a visa to enter Canada.

Rob C

Jen said...

Better yet "which party would the msm put their family under: a government under harper with lower taxes etc or, under a coalition that plans to implement moratorium, higher taxes, support for MAO(ignatieff), shut down the oil sands etc?