Sunday, May 01, 2011

It is as simple as this.

You only have to look at the last 5 yrs under a Conservative government and their record and compare it to the oppositions of 5 yrs of smear/fear while they accomplished nothing constructive for Canadians to know who you should be voting for come Monday.

A conservative majority not only means stability by not turning over the reigns of government with its taxation and economic policy powers to the big spending left leaning opposition Liberals, NDP, Bloc (or any combination of), it alse ensures that there is not another 350 million dollar election for at least another 4 yrs.

You know what to do.

Look around today at your own situation and that of your country, and get out and vote Conservative tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Amen...and thanx for all your hard work Ardvark.

old duffer

L said...


Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Harper has earned a majority and if Canadians vote in massage slease Layton then Quebec can be blamed for this.If they want Layton social programs, then let them pay for them. If I was Alberta I would tell Layton to go to hell.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Truthfully, I'd like to see the NDP get a crack as the official opposition. I'm curious to see how and where they would make concessions on their ideologies, as is necessary when applying ideals to practical situations. I'm not especially hopeful, but I am curious.