Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NDP spin on new MPJean-Francois Larose's resume. #Fail

More resume problems for the NDP and their pathetic attempt to spin their way out of it.*

This past Friday QMI learned that the new NDP MP for a federal riding north of Montreal does not have a degree from the University of Montreal, contrary to what his official electoral biography stated. This after another similiar resume incident with their most famous MP, Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

Like with Brosseau, the NDP spin on Lerose was that it was a staffers error: On Brosseau the story was that a staffer had "inadvertently" changed the wording, embellishing her resumé. On Lerose we hear of a similar tale using similar words describing how a NDP staffer (now gone)  had made an "inadvertent change" to Lerose's resume posted on the party’s website.

Only with Brosseau the spin was at least plausible, staffers do make mistakes and there is really no reason not to take the NDP's word for what happened, but with Larose the NDP spin is so ridiculous that it insults the intelligence because this is not the first time that this has "inadvertently" happened. "The false credentials were also posted about Larose on the La Presse newspaper website when he ran for in the Montreal municipal election in 2009." So unless that very same NDP staffer wrote the bio in 2009 and again in 2011, I have some serious doubts that it was their fault in the least.

BTW what happened to that staffer? The NDP claim that they no longer work for the NDP but why is that?
Were they fired? Did they resign? Were the pushed to resign? We don't know and so far the media couldn't seem to care less about the NDP lying to them or about what happened to the staffer that the NDP claim was responsible. ( anyone remember certain MSM types mocking the CPC when they blamed a staffer for anything?)

HT BC Blue.

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*Which appears to have worked because judging from the lack of questions and coverage, our MSM seems to have swallowed the BS spin from the NDP. 

Another #fail from Canada's political journalists.


CanadianSense said...

We have to expect an uneven approach how the media covers the "left" as several of the pundits share their ideology.

Good news is Canadians including Ontario voters sent a clear shot across the bow of the looney left.

Blue Wave round I, round II could be bigger after LPC completely collapse in 2015.

Anonymous said...

This was political fraud - a cynical abuse of the Canadian political process. There are no lame excuses to justify this lack of vetting or due diligence. Cheers. FernStAlbet

Thucydides said...

At the risk of sounding like a heretic, we see two examples of resume padding out of over 100 MP's. One, at least, could be chalked up to some sort of process error while the other has been out since 2009 (as pointed out above).

Now if someone were to do some heavy lifting, examine all MP resume's and discover that 19 or 25 had serious errors then you could conclude there was a concerted attempt to defraud the voting public. Even 5-10 should be a cause for some concern, but 1?

As well, if we are going to be true to our Conservative values, then we should also apply the same standard to CPC, LPC and the Green MP as well.

Just saying

Liz J said...

The NDP, sole representatives of the Loopy Left are now the media favourites, only good news will ensue.
Don't expect the media to delve into any misdeeds or missteps by Jack and his flock of embryo MP's.

How long did Jack's whorehouse caper receive attention? Does anyone seriously think it would have died out if it were Stephen Harper who had done such a thing?