Friday, April 10, 2009

The PM in Edmonton.

The Prime Minister was in town today and dropped into NAIT to announce the $40 Million Apprenticeship Completion Grant program which will offer $2,000 to eligible apprentices who successfully complete their apprenticeship training and certification in a designated Red Seal trade. The Grant will also boost worker mobility, as the Red Seal workers’ credentials are recognized in most provinces and territories of Canada. Speaking as someone who recently spent 2 days trying to find a plumber, this is money well spent in my opinion.

Later in the day was a meet and greet at the Weston Hotel. I grabbed a quick shot of the welcoming committee as I entered the hotel.

Contrary to rumours circulating inside the Weston, there appeared to be no Liberal MPs to be found amongst the welcoming committee.

Inside ( LS was right!) while everyone was waiting for the guest of honour to arrive I decided to do some investigative blogging and managed to track down and identify the elusive Hunter from Climbing out of the Dark. OK, she wasn't that difficult to find if one is a regular reader of her blog, but none the less it was a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger and her companion for the day, Rigger. Don't worry Hunter your secret is safe with me. No one will ever know in reality that you are a 6' 2" man who walks with a limp.

The PM made a short speech which was a little different than what I have become accustomed to hearing. It might have been the supportive audience or the fact that there were no press around but I can honestly say that I have never heard him sound as casual and relaxed as he did today. After the speech was over he made a point of meeting everyone in the room, including yours truly. He looked well rested after his recent European trip and seemed to be honestly enjoying himself meeting everyone and posing for the obligatory photos. All in all it was very refreshing to see and a far cry from the way he is portrayed by the opposition and sometimes the media.

Thanks for the invite Bill.


hunter said...

Too funny, but get it right, it's 6'3"and I was only limping because of a rock in my shoe!

Anonymous said...

Did Harper agree to pay the $700 million to Alberta that Premier Stelmach says the Conservatives are ripping off?

Anonymous said...

AB is blowing smoke about the Health transfer and the 700m. Klein signed the Health Accord; it determines the amounts. The funding formula is known in advance; the annual amount is known in advance.

AB can review its own commitment in light of its own budget situation, or, review its budget situation in light of its own commitment. Either way, AB has no grounds to blame the Feds. Blowing smoke is merely diversionary; it diverts attention from the AB budget.

Jen said...

For decades, the liberals cut transfer payment to alberta-many jobs were lost.