Wednesday, April 08, 2009



The amount of money that the Liberal Party of Canada received from Elections Canada for the first quarter of the year.

It is also the amount of taxpayer money that the Liberal Party of Canada was not willing to give up under any circumstances and were willing to make a deal with the separatists in order to keep.

After all, they are "entitled" to it.

FYI: The Bloc, who according to Ignatieff
"... are duly elected by Qu├ębec voters. They are not traitors, they are not the enemies of Canada." received $673,781 taxpayer dollars to carry on with their plans to tear up Canada.


Anonymous said...

And the Conservative Party received $2,543,328. I guess you are disappointed that Harper & Co acceptedf this entitlement.

Ardvark said...

No, I am not disappointed as it was the CPC that were willing to give up accepting this taxpayer money.

The CPC is still willing to do so. How about the Liberals?

maryT said...

what did the ndp and greens get.
Wonder if it will be mentioned in the next campaign.

Ardvark said...

Mary, the NDP received $1,228,089 and the Greens $457,790.

And yes figure these sums to be featured very prominently in the next election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the first Anonymous comment. Please note that the Conservatives had the most to give up in monetary support from the federal government. So here's my question, since this proposal did not pass, should the Conservatives be the first to voluntarily give ups this "entitlement" or should all political parties do so? This is the current law and unfortunately all parties received their electoral allowance. Per diem or not per diem that is the Canadian question. Why should the Conservatives put themselves at such a disadvantage? What an asinine comment. I challenge the Liberals to take the high road and start the process. I'm sure the Conservative will follow along with the other parties. Cheers Fernstalbert

liberal supporter said...

Can you tell us how much the CPC received from the political donation tax credit?

The political donation tax credit takes my tax dollars and gives it to whoever wins a fund raising contest. If the CPC raises more donations, I am forced to give them additional money proportional to that.

Whereas the $1.75 per vote does not involve anyone subsidizing other parties unless they did not vote. I voted for the Liberals, and they received $1.75 from my taxes. Not a penny of your tax dollars went to the Liberals under the $1.75 per vote system, unless you voted for them.

Why do you support forcing me to subsidize your party, and you want to eliminate a system that does not? It was brought in by the Liberals to compensate for banning corporate donations. They should have banned the tax credit at the same time.