Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yes Ma'am!

I would have thought that something like this would have already happened years ago but it seems that the military was a little behind the times.

For the first time in our navy's history a woman has taken command of a major warship with Cmdr. Josée Kurtz taking charge of the warship HMCS Halifax.

I have no doubt she will do us proud.


Anonymous said...

The HMCS Halifax was in the Niagara region a couple of years ago on a recruiting tour of the Great Lakes and I had the pleasure of taking one of their open tours.
She's a beautiful ship and a very powerful one.
At the time I commented on how the Bridge smelled like male hormones.
Congrats to the new Commander.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, here's a link to a photo I took on the Bridge during that tour. I posted it to

Anonymous said...

It's a niggly point but it's 'HMCS Halifax' or 'the Halifax' but not 'the HMCS Halifax'. You wouldn't refer to the Queen as 'the Her Majesty' so you don't refer to her ships as 'the Her Majesty's (Canadian/Australian/New Zealand) Ship'.

Tracy said...

They're only 'behind the times' if there was a suitable woman earlier who had been ignored because of her gender. If it comes down to 'best man for the job' (as it should be) then there is nothing behind the times about it. Don't promote a woman just to be politicaly correct - that's just demeaning.