Thursday, April 02, 2009

Iggy needs an asbestos suit

Careful Iggy; if you keep getting caught in lies like this you may need that asbestos to make yourself a suit.

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is being called a liar after he seemingly shifted his position on Canada's exporting of asbestos.
Last weekend, on a tour of Vancouver Island, Ignatieff was asked about his position on asbestos, and he said he favoured banning exports.
"I'm probably walking right off the cliff into some unexpected public policy bog of which I'm unaware, but if asbestos is bad for Parliamentarians in the Parliament of Canada, it just has to be bad for everybody else," he said. "Our export of this dangerous product overseas has got to stop."
But in a scrum with reporters in Ottawa on Wednesday, Ignatieff was asked about his statement and he didn't mention a ban.
"We have had 60 years of experience with this product. What I said in answer to a question is that we have an obligation to international agreements to the countries that we export to, to make them aware of the risks. That is all I said."
Kathleen Ruff, senior adviser on human rights for the Ottawa-based think-tank Rideau Institute, said Ignatieff's denial is untrue.
"I knew he would be under pressure to retract what he said but that's an out-and-out lie," said Ruff.


Anonymous said...

One of Ignatieff's many weaknesses is that he is a true liberal arts type. It's painfully obvious that his knowledge of business, science, and technology is at about the high school level. He probably didn't know what asbestos was, or what it was used for. Why on earth the Liberals would choose to follow someone with such a painfully narrow and limited intellectual background is a great mystery.

maryT said...

And I am sure he did not know the only mine was in Quebec. Has all that kissing up to Que been in vain.
Changing his story in Ottawa from what an overflow crowd of 400 supporters heard him say is not the way to win friends and influence voters. Before the net he could have gotten away with it, not any more. How many jobs in the asbestos industry, how many voters.
Carbon tax, asbestos ban, coalition govt all waiting for the great iggy to get elected.

Anonymous said...

the CPC war room should run a handy ad in Quebec asap! This too demonstrates that Iggy's not competent enough to be PM.

Dion's looking better by the day.

At least Dion didn't try to pass himself off as something that he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:


Typical university Prof. demagogue. In svchool the students cower in fear of ThE Perfesser. He grades them, their work and output.He can make or break their careers in the twinkle of a cheap Bic pen.

Here, in the real world -- we real people see Iggnutz for what he truly is.

The fellow seems to be a self-centered, self-promoting, torture-loving blowhard with a penchant for "sham-wow type events and posturings."

Iggnutz is also very good at taking liberties with hard facts and plain truths.

In all these endeavours, Iggnutz finds hisself ably aided, abetted, entitled, facilitated and empowered, by his faithless stooge warrin'dimfella,and a ragged coterie of minions and hacks.

Yes, THAT warrin' -- the catlickin' ogre. Alleged adult who makes noise under the name of "The Dead Rat-Hamsters, Shit From Hell."

Igg might choose to believe that he can yank PMSH's chains: Put Steve on Probation -- but Steve's gun registry is scheduled for dismantling.

Mikey is no longer the BMOC.

We'll let him strut & preen like he knows what' s on the menun for tonight. But in this world, the general population is starting to greatly discount Iggy's professorial legends.


t.e. & o.e.

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. Too many erors, must get going back to the sack./