Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Excitement.

Some excerpts from an article in The Niagara Falls Review:

"Does a fondness for icewine make you a “party animal?”

The way Michael Ignatieff kept bringing icewine up during a speech in Niagara Falls last week, you’d think he was some wild and crazy guy. But he just didn’t create the impression he’s that exciting."

"But Ignatieff’s speech last week to the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce certainly would have led you to believe otherwise. It was disjointed and occasionally rambling. It’s the kind of boilerplate speech politicians make in their sleep. Just last week alone, he had made similar stop in Chatham, Brantford, Cambridge, London and Niagara."

Read the entire article here.

Dale Carnegie alert: Be sure to watch the very short video near the top of the article.


Bruce from Cambridge said...

Puffinocchio reminds me of JJJohn TTTurner - all the personality of a speedbump

Bec said...

It only stands to reason, this side of him will be abuntly apparent as time goes on.
I know people like this and they are insincere and elite, snobby fakers.
It's a cocktail circuit mentality. You mingle, you make small talk and move on, repeating it as you go.
Nobody seasoned at it, gives a rat's pitewee about the lives of the people, spoken too.

Intelligence, does not determine character and although I think MI, is the biggest fan of his own intelligence, his character will be his undoing, imho.

wilson said...

from the video,
'the people of Chatham have a tale to tell'

Just like he did everywhere he went, Iffy becomes a story teller.
He can't shake this reporter/writter mentality and offer solutions.

In all sincerity, these matters are not big enough for Iffy.
He's bored, it shows.

Anonymous said...

No need for Sominex when we have Iffy to put us to sleep.

Jen said...

Ignatieff is just passing through; making stops and resting it at the liberals hotel mansion; hoping to play around of golf at Chretien's golf course using chretiens signatured golf balls and since he was flown him by paul martin's jet to sell his novels he would have no trouble travelling for free in one of PAUL MARTIN'S ships,-paid for of course, by the people.
" oh how easy is it to be a liberal-but not necessarly a liberal-have the sad media at your beck n' call, get things for free charging it others who are beneath me. Farewell canada, I am off to my country United States of America."

Soccermom said...

And here we were worried about McCallum drinking too much...