Monday, April 27, 2009

Iggy Takes Credit for the Carbon Tax.

A blast from the past on this the first day of Ignatieff week here in Canada.

Here we have Iggy commenting on how he was the first one to suggest a carbon tax and how he still believes in a carbon tax.*

*depending on what day it is this opinion may have changed.


Rural and Right said...

What is even more frightening is that Iggy envisions his Kanada as a Carbon Neutral economy.

“I believe Canada must stay committed to Kyoto and must work towards the 2012 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels. But I’ve also said that these 2012 targets aren’t enough. We need to go far beyond Kyoto and put Canada on track now to becoming a carbon-neutral economy.” - Michael Ignatieff (Sept 28, 2006)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Nice catches, both of you!

Let's keep these quotes handy for future reference.

R&R, would you happen to have a link?

Anonymous said...

let's put his wishes into perspective.

It is now 2009 and Canada is about 30% ABOVE our 1990 GhG levels.

So Iggy, being the tall forehead academic type that he is, proposes we cut 36% or our carbon based energy use in three years.

Right. Should be no problem. Maybe he's proposing to shut down all Ontario's coal fired electrical plants. Or take all the trucks, trains and planes out of service.

Tell is Iggy . . how are you going to do it ??

Jen said...

AH yes, the kyoto quebec wants- to suck alberta sask and most likely BC dry so they quebec can work lesser than less hours than most provinces. A cheap way to live.

Jen said...

AA, if can get the tape as well of IGNATIEFF who said to KEVIN NEWMAN for Global National that he honours his signation on the coalition agreement

uber.liberal said...

I don't think you should be so negative to Ignatieff! He makes sense!! Plus we need our daycare and you Cons won't give it to us!

wilson said...

If Canadians wanted a national daycare program,
Martin would not have lost to PMSH,
dion would not have lost to PMSH....
It's not about Cons and Libs,
it's about what Canadians want from their government.

Stats Canada reports that less than 14% of children under 6, are placed in public daycare.

So, 86% more families benefit from the Beer and Popcorn money than would benefit from a national daycare scheme.

National daycare is an inefficient childcare program, there is no way to rationalize it, other than vote buying a special interest.

maryT said...

How many elections did Chretain win, with the promise of a national day care. 13 yrs and he never did it. If it was such a winner, why didn't he do it. He had a majority.

Soccermom said...

This uberlib comes across as ubersimple.

Libs don't need daycare anyway. I don't think they're having kids anymore anyway...

Jen said...

That's right, liberals had years in which to promote a national daycare even Kyoto but didn't.

AA, since the liberals did what they did throughout their years in governments like steal corruption, support terrorist groups use the media as scapegoat, raised taxes, left deficits like Trudeau did, abuse our borders for theirs friends, refusal to return the missing money. Why are the LPOC and their media so hot and bothered as to what he is doing.
It doesn't make sense.
Are the LPOC and useless media indicating to us all that the things the LPOC did is acceptable but not what the PMSH has done or is doing.
We need a brand new media in the national television g/m t/s. There are most definitely not ours nor canada's but strictly for the LPOC.
Mind you, there are very good reporters out there but are rarely heard on television.

Jen said...

I noticed MaryT, that IGNATIEFF nor Layton has condone the pollution in Ontirio from the coal generating plants nor the abestos which was said to be dangerous. Apparently these things are not to be tackled since most of their votes are there. Instead, Jack, Duceppe and Ignatieff pick on Alberta oil sands.

CanadianSense said...

It makes sense. The Liberals treat Canadians as morons.

Liberal Party reminded us they were going to have an adult conversation.

The Professor has exited his bunker this week with his Greenshift Plan 2.0.

Has this new Green Shift Plan 2.0 been approved by Bob Rae?

Will the Liberals allow Kevin Page to review the Green Shift 2.0 costing?