Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your Conservative Home on the Net.

If you are already a frequent reader of the political blogs, particularly the conservative blogs, than most of you already know that one in particular has turned into welcoming home for fellow conservatives to share their thoughts and opinions on the Internet.

That blog is Blue Like You.

Joanne has always been on top of the relevant political issues and topics of the day with her blog entries, even under the old name of 'Joanne's Journey' one could always be sure to find the latest topics being discussed there. While it is the norm for blogs to try and be current and relevant as possible, Blue Like You has morphed into something much more than just a place to catch up on what is new. It has become THE place to share your thoughts on the issues of the day, and in the case of BLY, the issues of the minute as her readership contribute to the discussion with real time updates, links and other opinions.

This is what sets BLY apart from most other blogs and Joanne is the first one to give credit to her readers and their contributions for her success, but while that is true that her readers are a big part of that success, none of it would happen if it wasn't for the timely topics and the open and friendly atmosphere that Joanne provides.

So if you haven't already done so I recommend that you visit BLY and make it a regular stop on your web travels as it has become the home for Canadian conservatives on the net.


hunter said...

I totally agree Ardvark! Joanne rocks because she uses common sense and that appeals to us Conservatives.

Ardvark said...

Even on days where I have little time to get online I make it a point to check out what Joanne posted that day even before I check out the big news sites.

Anne in sw ON said...

When I first discovered that conservative blogs existed it was a revelation. To finally read something of substance instead of the usual pap dished up by the MSM was refreshing. The day I found Joanne's blog topped all that! There isn't a day that goes by that I fail to check in to see what's happening at BLY and to read the comments of her regular posters. Thanks, Aardvark, for your tribute to her.

sor said...

I concur as well. Sandy at is also a great place to check out. She and Joanne often work in tandem.

Sandy is the one who has compiled the list of CPC achievements to date.

Check her out.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow Ardvark, this is really appreciated.

An unsolicited peer-review like this out of the blue is quite overwhelming.

The only problem is having to live up to it. ;)

Bec said...

Terrific, Ardvark, you are dead on.
Joanne even serves, virtual cake.

I would like to echo the other recommendations but hey, what about you? You are also on the 'first to view list'!
This is very nice of you.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I would like to echo Sor's comment that Sandy is also a strong contributor to Blogging Tories, not only with her Harper Achievements list but also her Iggyisms which she has allowed me to post on my blog.

Lots of fodder for the next election there.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joanne even serves, virtual cake.Calorie free!

Ardvark said...

This entry was partially based on a comment a friend made to me a few weeks back. We were discussing blogs and if I remember correctly he called BLY "The conservative meeting place". I agreed 100% then and still do today.

Anonymous said...

Right on Ardvark!
Joanne keeps us informed, and the discussions are great. Joanne is also very classy at handling trolls!
It is a great meeting place!


Soccermom said...

I agree! Kudos to Joanne, whose blog I have been visiting for over three years now!

THE first place to with a fresh coffee in the a.m.!

Anonymous said...

Joanne's blog is THE blog which I check every day. Her writing is excellent and she does a good job of keeping out the more obnoxious trolls, making it one of the neatest and cleanest of all Conservative blogs. Trolls are like stones in our shoes - Joanne does a great job of keeping those stones to the bare minimum. Thanks for recognizing her efforts.

Too bad she doesn't serve sweet apple cider donuts but the cake is pretty good.