Thursday, April 23, 2009

Candy Controversy in New Zealand.

A candy controversy in New Zealand today, a HRC case in Canada tomorrow.

A controversy with a marshmallow candy centre is sweeping New Zealand, thanks to the objections of one Canadian tourist.

Eskimos – colourful soft candies in the shape of a person bundled into a fur-lined parka – have been a popular treat in New Zealand for more than 50 years.

Their name and shape raised objections from Seeka Veevee Parsons, 21, of Nunavut, who has said she intends to send packages of the candies to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to her grandfather, an Inuit tribal elder.

In interviews with news outlets in that country, Ms. Parsons has stressed that the correct term is Inuit, and that Eskimo is unacceptable in Canada because it carries negative racial connotations.

Oh oh. Somebody had better tell these guys before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

The next thing you are going to tell us is that Baby Oil is not made from babies.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have to call it an 'Inuit kiss' when I rub noses with my year old grand daughter?
I think the woman is being ridiculous.

Ardvark said...

Sorry, I am just finishing up lunch and was enjoying a nice Eskimo pie for dessert.

Hmmmm, maybe the Kiwi's have a soylent green thing going on with these candies.

BTW is it OK if I call them Kiwi's? I wouldn't want to offend anyone, or any fruit, with my comment.

Soccermom said...

Wow, that's ridiculous.

ScottS said...

I think she chose to say this in New Zealand where no one was available to holler B_LL S_IT!

Anonymous said...

Would the thin-skinned, self-righteous weenie be offended if I called her a thin-skinned self-righteous weenie? I would be more than willing to trade in the old name for the new one, if she finds it sufficiently offensive. Otherwise, I'll have to stick with Eskimo.