Monday, April 27, 2009

It is going to be bigger than Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

Are you ready Canada? It starts today and for the Canadian media I expect it to be bigger than Shark week is on the Discovery Channel, and as we all know how BIG that is.

That's right dear readers, you guessed it. This is the start of Ignatieff week for the MSM in Canada as the Liberals hold their so called "leadership convention" this upcoming weekend in Vancouver. No matter that there will be very few in attendance at the convention, or that little policy will be discussed, or even that the leadership and party president positions have long since been decided by the party elite without the input of the grassroots; it is going to be a celebration of all that is Iggy this week and you can be sure that the news media in this country will remind you of this fact again and again as the week progresses to the MSM lead climax next weekend.

If you thought last weeks coverage of a book that the author adamantly denies has anything to do with advancing his political fortunes was excessive; you ain't seen nothing yet.

Remember folks, that's Ignatieff week. You can catch the excitement all of this week on every channel and in every newspaper across Canada.

But hurry, the excitement will not last long as starting the following week reality again returns and the free ride will be over.

Count on it.


Anonymous said...

I think this may work in favour of the Conservatives.
The more people see of Ignatieff the more they tend to dislike his professorial and condescending ways and the more he says the more he has to flip-flop later.

wilson said...

The convention about nothing.

Each riding can send up to 22 voting delegates to the convention.

Out of a possible 6776 delegates, 2000-2500 are expected to show up.
Tho they know the exact number, they're not saying at this time.LOL

The excitement in the Liberal camp is underwhelming, 2 out of 3 delegates stayed home.

But the LibLuvin media will pump up the event, like the second coming.

Iffy takes his place in the Liberal family photo album.

A photo retake session every 2 years.

Jen said...

I am the leader of the liberal party but not necessarly the leader.
Meaning as I would put it: anyone can be the leader even Satan but that doesn't mean that they care-just using the liberal party brand since it is too easy to get or do anything with the msm at the necessaryly liberal's beck and call.
The CBC CTV GLOBE STAR etc that claim to be media are not necessarly medias.

sor said...

Of course this is all right in the middle of our election in BC and our referendum on the STV voting system.

But of course to the eastern centric media this isn't even on the radar.

It is definitely not garnering support in BC and there won't be much coverage of it here. Ironic as they located it here to build support. Too bad they forgot to check their calendar to see what else was booked. As BC has fixed election dates this would have been well known.

Not to let a little reality to get in the way of the Liberal ego. They probably expected the BC gove't to change their election date. Cheers.

maryT said...

I read that there are 1500 delegates going to the lovein.
Also read that iggy is asking all those libs who have not topped up their donations to please do so, to pay off Dion's debt. Has Iggy given any money to the liberal party.

Soccermom said...

I thought Satan was already leader at one time, wasn't he? (Trudeau, Chretien? - same dang thing)