Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ignatieff, the CFL and The Economist.

A couple of quick ones for Day 2 of Ignatieff week.

From a CBC interview ( edit Apr 2010: link now dead) with Ignatieff on his (not written for any political gain) book.

Solomon: You know that the Conservatives are going to comb through this for everything. Every moment where ignatieff may miss it to prove that he’s not a true patriot. Once you say, I’m a patriot, boy, you better walk it. There is one thing that I caught, I have to mention it to you... you say "as Canadians, we cheer for the same football teams as Americans." This is talking about how similar the two cultures are. But no, we don't! We cheer for the CFL.

Ignatieff: No, not true. Not true. That’s a piece of--

Solomon: What?

Ignatieff: That’s…Look. There are people who love the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Montreal Allouettes, and etc., but, there are lots of Canadians-

Solomon: Who love the nfl. ( I like how he answers the question for Iggy)

Ignatieff: Who love the NFL, that’s all I'm saying. And I don't want to cast negative aspersions on the CFL.

Solomon: It’s a national institution. ( more help from the CBC)

Ignatieff: Yeah, it’s a great national institution. I've watched it all my life. But there are also Canadians who watch the NFL.

There is lots here but look at the last comment from Ignatieff where he says he watched the CFL all of his life. Umm, I am not 100% sure on this, but some how I don't think that the CFL gets much coverage in England at the best of times and I doubt that during the 20 years that he spent over there that the BBC ever broadcast ANY CFL games.

So how did he watch?

Finally this article from The Economist asks the question that many of us have been asking for some time. Does Ignatieff have any policies?


Bec said...

"....but some how I don't think that the CFL....."

This would be a terrific research project. I know my brother, living in Texas, cannot watch the CFL games. He travels throughout the US and has tried in several cities.
He watches, if possible on his computer but even that can prove challenging with some firewalls etc.
I notice he never mentioned a Western team and most certainly not, last year's Grey Cup team.

I don't believe him. The written statement, does not match up with his excuse/justification.
This is another statement, that would unite an entire segment of Canada.

tibi said...

Iggy's favourtie CFL team is one of those two missing time zones.

It's one thing to have a verbal flub when there's a microphone in front of your face. But to write it in a published book, about Canada's geography no less, suggest a level of insouciance that's simply unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Iggy is a liar.We've seen it a few times. Ask him if he could even name a single quaterback of any CFL team.

Jen said...

CBC wants him because they can coach him to their benefit-MONEY.

JDot said...

Iggy is talking out his a$$ when it comes to him saying he always follows the CFL. I doubt he follows the NFL.

But frankly, I watch the NFL, way better game then the CFL ;). Go Patriots..

"In BB we Trust".

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff has publicly stated that he is a big fan of the game otherwise known as America's past time, baseball.

I wonder how much hockey Ignatieff watched while he was living in Europe?

JDot said...


Iggy does not have a clue when it comes to sports, peroid..

It is frankly, amusing to watch Iggy-waffle talk about sports.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Ignatieff uses the fact that his great-great grandfather on his mother's side as "proof" of the fact that he is a true patriot.

His great-great grandfather Nicholai Ignatieff was responsible for the MAY LAWS which started a wave of killing Jews (Pogroms) in Russia. When I mention this, I am told that Ignatieff is not responsible for the crimes of his ancestors.

Why then, is he allowed to benefit from his ancestors.?

Brett said...

I'd like to hear Iggo Waffle name the all the teams. If he is a fan that shouldn't be difficult given there are only eight. And no...neither BBC, nor any other non-Canadian broadcaster carries CFL games. I know, because I missed the 1992 and 2006 Grey Cup because I was out of the country during those times. Iggy a CFL fan hardly.

Go Stamps Go!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to watch any sports broadcast when you're always either looking in the mirror...or over your shoulder.