Friday, April 17, 2009

Great moments from the LPC leadership debates 2009.

Great moments from the Liberal Party of Canada leadership debates of 2009. (had they taken place)

Subject: The Economy.

Michael Ignatieff: My challenger Mr. Rae is the wrong man to lead this party or the country during hard economic times and his record as the Premier of Ontario proves this. While other provinces were coming out of the recession and their economies were improving the same could not be said for Ontario where because of the policies put in place by my opponent the recession lingered on longer than necessary causing the people of Ontario prolonged needless hardships and suffering.

Bob Rae: Just one question Michael. How would you know what the people of Ontario were going through since you were already in Europe by the time I was Premier and ...

Michael Ignatieff: This is unfair! This is unfair! Why should traveling and spreading the goodness of 'me' to the rest of the world be held against my campaign? It is..

Moderator interrupts: Mr. Ignatieff you will have your turn later to respond. Mr. Rae now has the floor.

Bob Rae: Thank you. As I was saying; How would you know what the average citizen of Ontario was going through at that time. You were not living in Ontario during my tenure as Premier and in fact you left Canada 12 years before I even became Premier of Ontario. You were away from this country not only for the time I was Premier but also for Bill Davis' entire last term as Premier as well as that of Frank Miller, David Peterson, Mike Harris, Ernie Eves, and a good part of Premier McGuinty's first term. Not to mention that during your absence you also missed out on seeing first hand how Joe Clark, Pierre Trudeau (second term), John Turner, your buddy Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, and Jean Chretien served this country during their terms as Prime Minister. To claim that you have a better understanding of the situation in Ontario, or even in Canada, while you living in Europe, than those of us who lived here during those times is the height of arrogance Michael and Canadians are not going to fall for it.

Dominic Leblanc: That was a long time wasn't it, but please take it easy gentlemen you do not want to end up in a conservative TV ad sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

If only that were the case. Sadly, this Liberal Convention is going to be like Seinfeld.

Ardvark said...

Anon, check out the 2006 LPC leadership debates. These were the lines of attack that Rae and Iggy used against each other.

Iggy and his back room boys know Rae would have killed him in any debate. That is why they made it all but impossible for Rae to continue on in his leadership bid.