Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Coalition reunites?

Thwarted in late 2008 by PM Harper's legitimate use of prorogation, which saved this country from permanent divisions and possibly even from being torn apart, the coalition looks to have reunited again in 2010 in an attempt to remove the only obstacle that prevented them from seizing power in 2008 and installing failed Liberal leader Stephane Dion as our Prime Minister, Jack Layton into cabinet, Elizabeth May into the Senate, and given separatist Gilles Duceppe a de facto veto over government business.

Think about that for a minute. If either of the current NDP or Liberal proposals to limit the PM's right to prorogue Parliament had been in place in 2008; that very coalition would have been unstoppable and would have formed government against the wishes of a large majority of Canadians who had recently re-elected the Conservatives with an even stronger mandate.

Now you can call me cynical but from where I sit the only possible reason that I can see that the opposition would want to make these very short sighted changes, which could severely limit a PM from acting on behalf of the nation on some yet unseen crisis in the future, is that they are making plans for a coalition redux, and this time they are making sure in advance that nothing is going to get in their way.

Not convinced? Take a look at the some of the strange things that have taken place over the last couple of weeks.

Jack Layton said that he was not going to take part in the Liberal photo op in Ottawa on the 25th, but when the day did arrive Jack was there smiling as always for the ever present cameras.

Michael Ignatieff stated that he supported the power of prorogation, but come the 25th of January he totally flip flopped and proposed limits. (Ok, Ignatieff flip flopping is not that strange, in fact it is the norm, but the timing of it makes the decision very suspect.)

Jack Layton stands by and watches the Liberals basically steal the NDP idea and says nothing about it, other than that he is going to consult with the other parties on the issue. ( FYI: This is what happened the last time Layton consulted the other parties.)

BTW, we already have mechanism to deal with accountability and government abuse in Canada. It is called an election, and I suggest that if Layton and Ignatieff are really that concerned that they stop pandering to the cameras, stop the rhetoric, and do the only real democratic thing by voting the government down and then go to the people of Canada in an election.

We shall see just how concerned they really are come March, but I would not be holding my breath.


Rose said...

I firmly believe Iggy and Layton have revived the Coalition with the bloc, I to noted the self same things you wrote about. Also if you note the comment sections at CBC several posters openly admit there is a NEW coalition. MSM has laid the foundation of LIES that proroguing is akin to a criminal offense and unethical combine the false media reports with Iggy and Jack publicly joined at the hip alas I'm left with the impression that they will try and over throw the duly elected government. If Harper attempts to prorogue parliment in the future to stop the unholy union the public will blame Harper. MSM laid the foundation for a leftwing coup, the question I ask is why?

Why hasn't one single ethical journalist asked Iggy if they've revived the coaltion?

wilson said...

It's all prep work in the event LibDipper numbers, after the next election, are greater than the CPC.

Of course, the GG will (must) give the first chance to form a coalition majority government to the encumbant PM, PM Harper,
as is her duty.

So it is something to think about.

There is a precedent, 1917, where PM Sir Robert Borden formed a (temporary)Union Govt, by adding to his govt 9 Lib/independents and 1 labour rep.
Yah don't have to invite the entire party in to govt, just as many as you need.

In fact, that is what I thought PMSH was going to do last election, I was wrong, but heh!

wilson said...

forgot to post link to 1917 Union Govt


Anonymous said...

The only obstacle standing in the way of another coalition takeover to make Ignatieff PM without an election is the power to prorogue parliament.(and then bumped by Bob Rae).

Peter Donolo was an advisor to Chretien when he prorogued 4 times to avoid politically difficult times.

Methinks Mr. Donolo is helping plan his own vault back into the PMO office through the back door by helping orchestrate the one remaining obstacle - prorogation.

And, somehow Donolo and Bob Rae have the really really stupid salivating and easily led media in their back pockets and under their thumbs. For past Liberal/NDP Premier favours rendered?

No prorogue powers equals Ignatieff as PM, Layton in Power , Elizabeth May in the Senate and Gilles Duceppe controlling the entire country with his power of veto.
Choose that or MPs not sitting for 22 days. Which is best for Canada???

Ardvark said...

For 142 years the rules that outline how we are governed have worked quite well.

Rhetorical question of the day:

Why now in 2010 do the NDP and Liberals suddenly want to make changes to those rules and who would benefit?

CanadianSense said...

I am of the same mind. The deal does not expire until next year. The Liberals are in serious financial straits and have little chance of gaining 40+ seats.

This is a Plan B after the next loss to create a groundswell of public sentiment to stop our PM from proroguing within the first 12 months.

They will defeat the gov on the throne speech and limit the constitution within weeks of failing to win a majority at the next general election.

The Liberals don't believe they can win, so they are willing to tie their own hands.

Calgary Junkie said...

I dunno. I still think we're watching the Keystone Kops in action, and not some deviously clever coup plotters.

Anyway, I've read a posting (which I can't verify on any news links), that said Duceppe is against the Lib/Dipper anti-prorogue legislation. If true, then Jack and Iggy are going down a legislative dead end.

And second, I'm watching the Iggy and Jack press conferences on CPAC here

At the 1:24:45 mark:

Reporter: "... you have, a member of your caucus willing to give up their slot for it ?" (i.e. a Dipper has won the lottery to table a private members bill. Will he/she give it up so that the anti-prorogue bill can be tabled in the House ?)

Layton: Well we're working on the logistics for it, the best way to bring that [anti-prorogue] Bill forward. Umm, My HOPE is the other opposition parties will enter into some discussions with us about how best to do that.

So make of that gobbledygook what you will.

Unknown said...

Mackenzie King tried to prorogue parliament when he was faced with a vote of confidence...You know what happened..The GG said no, you cannot run and hide, thisis demcoracy working..

Conservatives have a strange way of forgetting certain details in history..

Unknown said...

Ardvark said...
For 142 years the rules that outline how we are governed have worked quite well.

Rhetorical question of the day:

Why now in 2010 do the NDP and Liberals suddenly want to make changes to those rules and who would benefit?
Because for the first time we have a prime minister using prorogue twice in a year (never happened before) with 36 bills still on the table(excluding private member bills)

As a person who has no party I can say that I liked conservative ideoligy, but really folks, Harper is changing all that with the religious right as his closest aids..I'm sorry but Harper has pretty well slapped democracy in the face..With a minority government he is accountable to parliament..If he deserved a majority he would have gotten one.

Anonymous said...

We have to remind ourselves constantly that a vote for a Lib-NDP-Bloc is a vote for The Coalition.

Ardvark said...

Forgetting for a minute that Dec 2008 and Jan 2010 are more than 1 year apart; who forgetting history Colin?

Louis St-Laurent prorogued 11 times

10/12/1949; 30/06/1950; 29/01/1951; 09/10/1951; 29/12/1951; 20/11/1952;
14/05/1953; 26/06/1954; 28/07/1955;
14/08/1956; 08/01/1957
Including 3 times in 1951.

The PM may be accountable to Parliament but Parliament is accountable to the people, so if the Liberals want an election over this I say bring it on.

As for your comments about the religious right, my guess is they are just as wrong as your others were.

Ardvark said...

CJ, here is a link to the Bloc's position http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/spector-vision/why-a-third-globe-prorogation-editorial-fails/article1443965/

They oppose it but know that it will take opening up the constitution to really do anything about it.

Who would have thought the Bloc would be more up on our laws and reality than the Liberals and NDP.

Jen said...

AA, for the past few days Glenn Beck has exposed 'chilling stories,information, video footage and statements made by 'SOCIALISTS, where they for decades have tried to take over but failed but are here. In so much so that Glenn went on to say that Socialists are slowly taking over the 'meaning' of 'DEMOCRAT'
As Glenn mention the last part, I immediately thought of the LIBERALS, who are being taken over by Socialists(LAYTON).

Layton knows as we as well that the LPOC is done and so are their media. at which point now, Layton can use the liberals and the media to his will; knowing full that both of don't have a leg to stand on anymore.
Here's the best part, Layton knows that the LPOC need every help they can get, so playing his cards right, Layton can filter his ideas onto the LPOC but, he Layton needs to limit or stop the 'PROROGATION completely,leaving the liberals in a dilemma to fulfil Layton's ideas which I am afraid will damage canada economy.

There are things which both the LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVE will never but with Layton secretly worming his way into the LPOC, he can do as he pleases.
The media is doomed already.

Ardvark said...

Meanwhile the economy under PM Harper is doing just fine thank you very much.

Calgary Junkie said...

Okay, AA, thanks for that link to Spector's article.

“In principle, we are not against the solutions proposed by the two other parties but we know that we must be realistic,” Guimond said in an interview.

Not only are the Bloc being realistic, I think they sense that this whole coalition kerfuffle won't help them with Quebecers. As guys like Jean Lapierre have pointed out, Quebecers like strong, decisive leaders, which they see in Harper. "Le chef" is the phrase Jean has used.

How long will Jack and Iggy keep going down this dead end ? Any bill they table won't even get past second reading ! At which point they will yap about changing the House's standing orders. More arcane stuff that the public doesn't give a rats ass about.

And why would the annonymous Dipper MP give up their valuable private member's bill slot, which they can use to help themselves get re-elected ? Just so Jack and Iggy can make fools of themselves, chasing prorgation windmills ?

Like I said, we are watching the Koalition Keystone Kops. There is NO method to their madness.

Calgary Junkie said...

Correction, that should read "prorogation kerfuffle".

gimbol said...


I'll throw out some observations that I've accumulated over the years on how Harper operates.

He always says exactly what he will do, just not the time line.
He's said to the Senate, warned them actually, not to make Senate reform an election issue.
He's also let Parliament know when prorogation was declared, that a throne speech would be tabled on the 3rd of March, followed by a budget the next day...both are confidence votes.
Harper will I predict, advise the opposition that passage of the throne speech means the opposition will allow him to govern, and a vote against the throne speech means the writ gets dropped.
The next day same message. Either pass the budget with its economic measures, or vote it down and we go to an election. I also predict that he will advise the opposition that if they have other ideas, they will be obligated to get a mandate from Canadians first...and that includes a coalition.

Now, should that election come, I also expect that on the first week Harper will lay down the grandaddy of platform planks.
Elimination of the party subsidy.

Ardvark said...

PM Harper with a minority government has schooled the opposition politically now for 4 years and will continue to do so for some time to come.