Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Prorogue Score.

Compared to a few Liberal PM's, Stephen Harper is a proroguing amateur.

Chretien 4, Harper 2.

35th Parliament Chretien 1996/2/2
36th Parliament 1999/9/18
37th Parliament 2002/9/16,2003/11/12 ( the last one was done to avoid the auditor generals release of the report on Adscam)

And if you really want a lopsided score how about this one:

Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson 11, Harper 2.

26th Parliament Pearson 1963/12/21, 1965/4/3
27th Parliament Pearson 1967/5/8
28th Parliament Trudeau 1969/10/22,1970/10/7,1972/2/16
29th Parliament Trudeau 1974/2/26
30th Parliament Trudeau 1976/10/12,1977/10/17,1978/10/10,1983/11/30

Now, where was all of the outrage on these 15 prorogation's, and more importantly why are these numbers not front and center in the multitude of MSM stories on the topic?

Faux media led outrage at its best..

BTW Parliament is not prorogued until January 25th and will only last for 22 sitting days so when ever you hear such things as it lasting "3months" or statements implying that it is already prorogued, or that is unconstitutional etc, feel free to call BS on whomever said it and let them know we are on to their lies.


In our 143 years of existence as Canada, Parliament has been prorogued at least 105 times. ( 120 from this info)

That is an average of about once every 1.4 years that this, very legal and constitutionally granted power, has been used.

If Ignatieff and the Liberals are so against this power ( as you can see from above they are not), wouldn’t all of this energy that they are using to protest and play games be better spent trying to change the constitution?

From the comments of another post on the number of times Bob Rae prorogued in Ontario. PM Harper has prorogued 3 times and not 2. The first was in 2007 for 1 day with little fanfare or criticism from the opposition because the reality is that prorogation is a routine and procedural measure used both federally and provincially. Why the media is all upset this time is anyone's guess but they are being very disingenuous about their outrage and the facts.

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Ruth said...

Please get this out to CBC, CTV and the journalists. It's time we all started telling the truth, since they won't.

Ardvark said...

They know Ruth. They just don't want these inconvenient facts to interrupt their media driven outrage.

maryT said...

What is more scary than this short prorogation of 22 days, including the Olympic break, is that there are over 120,000 canadians who can click JOIN, but can't google to get the truth. Do they make all their decisions without thinking or knowing what they are doing.
Once the truth finally gets out there, and the media ends up with egg on its face, these signers will be shown up to be fools.
And to think we have Liberal MPs who don't know the facts. They think the House is on prorogation NOW-Volpe outraged he can't ask questions, Goodale ranting from Arizona-
Who will take any anchors serious when they allowed this lie to be repeated on their shows. And how about those panel members, lying over and over again.
Fire them all.
Considering how uneducated lib mps are on this, what else are they uneducated about.
The budget was scheduled to be presented on March 4th, before the Christmas break. Will all the media issue a mea culpa, don't hold your breath. (unless your scuba diving like Layton is/was)

maryT said...

Shouldn't Donolo know about those as he was working for the PM back then. Has he got loss of memory. Shouldn't he have told the liberal caucus about what Chretein did, or Trudeau.
Hey, maybe the real reason for the outrage, lies etc is that the media and backroom boys want Iggy gone. They only way is to force an election the libs will lose big time.
It will be interesting to see if his caucus goes with him to vote for the Throne Speech and Budget.

Anonymous said...

The big difference here is that Harper shut it down twice in one year, both times to save his slimy skin.

Ardvark said...

Anon, Dec 2008 and Jan 2010 is not 1 year, but since you brought it up.

PET = 1976/10/12,1977/10/17,1978/10/10,

3 times in 3 years.

BTW when you have a majority why prorogue?

wilson said...

Chretien shut Parliament down twice, 13 months apart,
to save himself from the AG report on ADSCAM...

I love it when Libs give me an opening to comment on ADSCAM.
The money laundering of taxpayers money sent back, in brown envelopes, to the Liberal party coffers.

wilson said...

While Lib MPs are back in Ottawa for their photo-op,
Con MPs and Candidates shud be out in their communities.....

Kady (CBC) and Wherry (Macleans) will be with the Liberal fools in Parliament all the way,
reporting every tie colour and one liner.

I look forward to Kady and Steve V dissecting this new poll:

Ardvark said...

I think the Liberals are overestimating the opposition to prorogation.

The public is not so much pissed off at the PM as they are at the idea of politicians in general, and the idea of those same politicians working less in particular. Lets face it being an MP is a good gig when you compare the hours worked (perceived as they do lots of constituency work that goes un-noticed) and pay with that of your average working taxpayer.

frmgrl said...

For some Lib supporters, I don't know if they would know what truth was even if it hit them over the head.
Oh, don't count on the media to tell the truth. They have their own agenda. .
The university kids heading the FB page, they are so brainwashed, I don't know what it would take to get the truth to sink into their heads. btw. If you think they're going clarify and bring forth the facts on the FB page, I wouldn't bet on it.
We do need to get the truth out there.
Thank God for the internet and the blogs.

Anonymous said...

I think Iffy is living up to his nickname, 4 months ago he wanted to take down the Government for no reason, yesterday Iffy surrendered to the Government without a threat. Iffy is a dead duck quacking. Even the NDP are feeling sorry for the Liberals, trying to recommend a Frank McKenna as a new leader.

Anonymous said...

Iffy is a dead duck quacking



frmgrl said...

BTW. The only ones in the media who would pay attention, is the radio guys. Dave Rutherford, Charles Adler, Roy Greene, Lowell Green.

Ruth said...

Oh, wouldn't it be fun for Roy Greene to call the ones that started the Facebook group and just ask a few questions about Politics. I would bet that they don't know too much.

Jen said...

Now, where was all of the outrage on these 15 prorogation's,

Maybe conspiring to find ways to continue doing what they have done for years.

For how many years has the left media(liberals cohorts) have prorogued warning the canadians of the liberals years in corruption I am sure that you can count on it on one hand.
How many times has the national media prorogued asking the liberals to give our money which the liberals still owe us? YEARS.
How many times of late have you heard the national media tell the liberals "what's your problem, you people prorogued parliament many times" -NEVER.

The national media cbc ctv etc job is to prorogued any damaging news of liberals to the public.

Six members of the liberal party still owe EC how many times in the national media have you heard about the story.
There is more. But the national media are professional in prorogating the 'REAL' STORY by pretending and manipulating the news.

maryT said...

One thing all the faux outrage has accomplished is to bring back memories of Adscam, the AG report re sponsorship, the shutting down of the Somali inquiry, and so many other past sins of the liberals.
What the PM should have done when announcing prorogation was said this:
For the 105th time in Canadian history, I, as the PM of Canada, have asked the GG to end this session of the parliament by proroging it. A new session will commence with a speech from the throne on March 3, and a budget on March 4.
These actions will be debated and voted on. Should the opposition disagree with this move, they can vote no confidence and we will have an election.

Rural and Right said...

Ardvark, I re-posted this post on the facebook site I SUPPORT the Prorogation of Parliament and the Prime Minister of Canada
Hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

You might want to double-check your 'facts' there. Lester B. Pearson was PM for the first three dates you list, not Trudeau.

maryT said...

Doesn't matter, it was still a liberal PM that did it. And how come you are so interested in facts, you seem to be ok with the lies spread by opposition MPs and the media.

Anonymous said...

After a couple weeks preparation, here is what Michael Ignatieff said Friday - Liberals want to examine documents "whether Canada complied with International law and whether it has respected human rights - and a document about the conduct of our troops in the field". Ignatieff is no Stephane Dion. Ignatieff is a distinguished Harvard professor, with an excellent command of the English language, and with his carefully chosen words, there is no confusion as to what he said.

We have finally smoked out the Liberals . Although denying all along, that in their probing of the detainee issue, they were not challenging or condemning our brave men and women in the military, we now learn from words of Ignatieff himself, that Liberals want to probe and examine "the conduct of our troops in the field."
How many times has it been pointed out to members of the media, that when the Liberals and Richard Colvin said our troops "detained and handed over for severe torture a lot of innocent people" this was an unsubstantiated and unproven direct attack on our troops. When Colvin said "all the Afghans we handed over were tortured" not a single solitary Liberal challenged Colvin's statement. How many members of the media agreed with General Hillier that statement was "ludicrous" and absurd? After three years of probing and investigation, finally a case where a Taliban prisoner was attacked with a shoe, in the process of the turnover to the Afghhan officials on the battlefield. That doesn't lead one to believe or is proof, there was systemic abuse of prisoners turned over by our Canadian troops.
After Friday's statement by Ignatieff, Canadians no longer will have to depend on the media to interpret the motives of the Liberals, or question their political agenda, as Canadians now know what is behind the Liberal probing and accusations, now that Ignatieff has definitively told the world - Liberals "want to examine the conduct of our troops in the field."
Wouldn't Canadians be a little more assured, that the Liberal support for out troops is genuine, and 100%, if they would make some effort, or expend a fraction of their time, looking and probing, into the conditions that our troops are operating under, and are conducting a war in, rather than total concentration of their concern on the well being of the Taliban.

We remember James Carville, political advisor to Bill Clinton, famous words "it is the economy stupid" in pointing out something that was obvious, so if anyone now asks what is the preoccupation or witch hunt of the Liberals in these detainee hearings, one can paraphrase Carville, and emphatically now state it is "the conduct of our troops in the field stupid."

Rich said...

I was listening to CTVNewsnet with Jacquilyn Milczarek were she was doing an interview with Tom Clark: Clark giggling like a cheshire cat came out and told her that the Prime Minister had prorogued Parliament for three months: Now I would like to know how you get three months from January 25 to February 12th by my math that totals 18 days with 2 weekends in there actual sitting days = 14. If you take in to account the days after the Olympics that would be 3 days (march 01-03) therefore total sitting days = 17.

Mr Clark please explain what sort of math are you using? Ms Milczarek can you advise why this error was not mentioned on your news show.

Anonymous said...

The ottaw media are hell bent on making this a huge issue.Iggy still has no chance of making it to!

Terry McKinnon said...

I am a conservative and I detest that Harper uses Liberal tools and BS to stay in power. he refuses to fight the good fight even though that was what he was sent to Ottawa for. Proroguing is wrong, for any reason. GET BACK TO WORK!

Democrazy said...

It really doesn't matter how many times either party has done it.
What matters is it shouldn't be done in such a fashion. I don't support the liberals and I don't support the conservatives.
Been throwing my vote away to the greens and more recently Layton.
"The government should only prorogue Parliament on a vote in the House of Commons. This will inform the Governor General of the will of the majority, so that prorogation happens when it is needed – not simply when the Prime Minister feels like it," NDP leader Jack Layton said in a release.
That's how it should work..

Ardvark said...

It should not be done the way it is set out in our constitution?????

Let me guess; were you one of those who was running around last year saying that the coalition was legitimate and citing that very same constitution, that you now seem to dislike, as your proof?

Anonymous said...

Trudeau didn't become PM of Canada until April 1968
That would have made it difficult for him to prorogue anything until then wouldn't it?
Your source might be of dubious provenance.

Ardvark said...

Um,harebell don't know how to break this to you but Oct 1969 comes after April 1968.

28th Parliament Trudeau 1969/10/22,1970/10/7,1972/2/16
29th Parliament Trudeau 1974/2/26
30th Parliament Trudeau 1976/10/12,1977/10/17,1978/10/10,1983/11/30