Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is your MP a Liberal?

If they are, ask them if they are planning to pay for their own flight when they all meet in Ottawa on the 25th for nothing more than a photo op.

Has anyone attempted to figure out the cost to the taxpayer for this little game the Liberals are going to play?

It is going to be fun playing spot the Liberal during the prorogation. If they are not in Ottawa working as they claim that they will be, they will be fair game and heaven help any that show up at the Olympics.

We will be watching.


jad said...

"heaven help any that show up at the Olympics."

But AA, Ignatieff said they are only going to be doing this stunt until the start of the Olympics.

Ardvark said...

So this desire of the Libs to do the 'work of the country' by showing up in Ottawa is only a limited time offer?

maryT said...

I am sure that I heard him say they would work thru the olympics.
Do they plan to work during the summer.
No one is stopping any mp from going to his office at any time. The PM has been working in his office.
And, we will be watching for empty liberal seats in the House after March 3. Heaven help any that do not attend every session. They must work, work, work.
And, iffy must attend every QP, no more giving Rae the floor.

Ardvark said...

The are setting themselves up for ridicule with all of this bluster, and I know just the group of people who will ridicule them for it. =)

maryT said...

If the libs take time off to go to the olympics, perhaps they could explain it to Scott Tribe.

The Liberals will be coming back to work on January 25.
Posted by Scott Tribe on January 5, 2010, at 9:32 pm |

Very nice:

Liberals to return to work as scheduled Jan.25, despite Parliament shutdown

Liberal MPs and senators will return to work as scheduled in the nation’s capital later this month, even though Parliament has been suspended until early March. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff informed his caucus during a conference call Tuesday that he expects them to report for work on Jan. 25. He told caucus members they can’t let Prime Minister Stephen Harper get away with shutting down Parliament and stifling debate.

I’m betting the other opposition parties will be returning as well, while Harper takes his extended Olympic holiday for no good reason other then to take the heat off of him.

So, will liberals take an extended holiday in Feb. The comments on this article are rather interesting.

If our PM is so useless on the world scene, why has he been invited to a very select meeting in Switzerland, Jan 27-Feb 1, to give a speech. This is an invitation only meeting, with 2500 top business leaders, economic leaders, corporate heads,
Google is our friend.

Anonymous said...

I live in the riding of Cuzner, I have yet to see him or any of his reps in person. I thought during this prorogation I might have a chance to pic his head on some issues, now Iffy tells me Cuzner is going to be in Ottawa; at my expense, for a photo-op. The PM stated that prorogation was an opportunity for MP's to work their ridings.

We've had prorogation 105 times since confederation, the Liberal party has been in government most of the time, I would expect they have prorogued most of the time.



Of course Harper was invited to
Switzerland he has to get instructions from big business, corporate heads on what to do next.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff stated they would be working until the Olympics
we need only check his scrum with reporters where he also stated "these are really hard questions"


jad said...

"So this desire of the Libs to do the 'work of the country' by showing up in Ottawa is only a limited time offer"

There seem to be conflicting reports about what he actually said. I can't find the tape of the presser, but I definitely recall him saying "until the Olympics".

Kady seems to have heard the same thing in her live-blog of the presser here :

They have big plans to get back to work "until the Olympics" - and presumably beyond, otherwise it will look a wee bit disingenuous "

"Presumably beyond" is right, but he didn't actually say it.

Skinny Dipper said...

They are some of Canada's MPs. They have the right to be in Ottawa, not where the Cons want them to hide.

wilson said...

Fingers crossed ALL the Opps show up for 'work' on Jan 25!

The Coalition of Losers rises from the ashes,
the attack ad writes itself.

Please please be there Gilles,
bring your band of separatists to hoot and holler at the gates of Parliament...We Want In, We Want In!!

wilson said...

Maybe the Raging Grannies will make a cameo appearance on Parliament hill!
That would be fun.

Jack can bring his guitar, play old anti-war songs, and stage a sit-in!

maryT said...

Maybe all the conservative MPs could turn up on Jan 24, or at least turn on the lights in their offices. Are all the offices closed down with staff on holiday. If the MPs shouldn't be paid, neither should their staff. Wonder what their union would say about that.
Tomorrow everyone should phone the constituency office of their MP and see where they are, what is on their schedule, are they even in Canada.
Was Iggy's conference call on taxpayers dime.
The coalition is planning something, and IMHO planned to jump during the Olympics.

maryT said...

When one is invited to give a speech to world leaders and other big wigs, it is more likely they want information from PMSH as to what to do.
This meeting is a yearly event.

wilson said...

Heh, Libs have out NEW attack ads (print and radio). They are using a NEW line of attack,
Harper's secret agenda.

Safe to predict, Soldiers in Our Streets (armed with shoes) coming to a theatre near you!

Anonymous said...

Asking a Liberal if he is doing something on his own dime when the public trough is available is like asking Osama bin Laden if his next wife will be an Israeli.

frmgrl said...

This at Sandy's blog

Rich said...

Liberals to return to work as scheduled Jan.25, despite Parliament shutdown

Liberal MPs and senators will return to work as scheduled in the nation’s capital later this month, even though Parliament has been suspended until early March.

Since the Prime Minister Prorogue Parliament for 3 months according to Mr Scott Tribe, why did the Libs wait until January 25th to resume work, why didn't they go back to work on Dec 31st the day after the Prime Minister prorogued?

Never let a good photo op stand in the way of honesty both in Politics and in media reporting

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? What about the cost of paying salaries of the MPs who are NOT showing up for work (i.e. the entire Conservative government)? Paying for flights is pennies compared to the money being wasted while Harper and his MPs plan their next election.

frmgrl said...

Anony, they are working. In their own constituencies tending to constituent concerns etc, doing consultations for the next budget.

They are not sitting on some beach sipping margaritas or whatever at least not the Conservative MPs.

Ardvark said...

Anon, I was not aware that MP's get paid by the hour but there is some merit to that suggestion.

CanadianSense said...

If you have a liberal for an MP, you are used to nothing so you expect nothing.

In Oakville it was Otto Jelinek who was able to negotiate some money for Oakville over 15 years ago.

Now that we dumped our Liberal millions and several vital projects are currently underway.

Clearly an CPC MP get it done while the Liberals are busy with their props.

$ 54 Million for Oakville residents!

Ask you Liberal MP what projects are happening in their riding compliments of EAP, it may embarass them!

Thucydides said...

On the 25th *we* should all call or visit the Liberal's riding offices and demand to speak to the member.

If they are not there, then loudly complain to the media that the member is avoiding constituents, voters and taxpayers.

Nothing like making the LPC look even more foolish through their own actions...