Friday, October 10, 2008

Would Dion have pulled the plug?

With the current world wide financial problems and if the PM would not have pulled the plug on his government a little over 30 days ago, would Stephane Dion have finally got up enough nerve to vote non confidence in the government forcing an election?

I say would say that yes he would have and we would be heading into an election for the middle of November rather than this upcoming Tuesday.

What say you?

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Anonymous said...

The Liberal backroom boys would have forced Dion's hand, and yes we would be at the start of an election campaign today.

Ryan said...

Dion would not have had the stones to call an election no matter how bad the situation with the economy.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he would have been able to hold off the back-room boys any longer, and they would be beating Harper over the head with the economy every chance they get; however, given his lack of any sort of economic plan (other than "tax those companies till they bleed and go out of business or move"), I doubt Dion would be in any better situation than he is now.