Friday, October 03, 2008

Nose Stretchers from Stephane Dion at the English Debate.

One big whopper from Stephane Dion tonight during the English debate and a couple of other shady claims that openly contradict his previously stated policies.

Dion's big lie was his claim about the Green Shift that 'The Premiers support our plan as a good one, so you are inventing something' (note: quotes on the fly so accuracy not 100%)

Wow! There is no way that this claim is even close to being true and there is no way that Dion does not already know this unless Rae or Iggy jumped the gun and whacked him on the head with something really heavy. Please, oh please Liberal spin meisters, try to defend this totally fictitious claim by your leader to Canadians.

Some more tall tales from Dion.

Claiming that the Kelowna Accord and the '2006' Liberal childcare plan would be brought back by the Liberals. In fact Dion made the audacious claim that it would happen October 14th if they won the election.

Where to start. On October 14th, even if you could con enough of Canadians into voting FOR the LPC rather than against the CPC, Dion would not be the PM or be in any position to do anything until he was actually sworn in. Duh! If he doesn't get this he has no business being our PM; kind of like Elizabeth May on the Canada Health Act.

Much more shady is Dion's claim that he is bringing these programs back while his own platform does NOT provide the funds for either of these plans. Yes there is partial funding for these in Dion's platform but not anywhere near the levels that were promised by Paul Martin and rejected in 2006 by Canadians.

On infrastructure: Dion first claimed that the Liberals would spend more on infrastructure when in reality their platform only copies the existing Conservative spending and will NOT be an increase at all. Later he made the claim the the Liberals would 'speed up' this already existing spending. Just where in that Liberal platform does this unfunded sped up money come from because Dion made it painfully clear that the 70 Billion of already existing spending commitments, and the timing of those commitments as written by the Harper Government could not be included in costing the Liberal platform.

It just doesn't add up, but that is what you get when you make up policy on the fly.

On healthcare: Dion said that "We saved healthcare." Too damn funny. Was that when Chretien cut billions of dollars in transfer payments from the provinces messing up healthcare to this day, or when the instigator of those cuts, Paul Martin, later fixed healthcare for a generation?

There are more but I think you all get the idea. From carbon taxes, to not going negative in the campaign, or not changing a single comma in a platform that has already been altered on the fly a few times already; Dion cannot be trusted on anything he says and certainly can not be trusted to be our PM.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Dion ever tell us how much it will cost to administer his green shaft plan? How many tens of billions will it cost for the bureacracy?

Ontario Girl said...

And Harper brought up the fact that DION DOES NOT support income splitting.

Dion was BEGGING for votes last night....where was his kleenex? Looked like he was going to BREAK DOWN CRYING.

ALSO Layton brought up how Dion is STUCK now with BOB RAE.

maryT said...

PMSH has been given a bad time for not coming out with his platform. I think he was waiting for the debates to be over. He knew he would be ganged up on re past decisions, no need to have his platform bashed. But, not one of the 4 did anything but bash, gave us no idea of what or how they would do it, forgot they would need a throne speech and budget passed in the HofC to get anything done. They can't lead on wishes.
Why didn't the 4 go after each other, to try and convince voters they would be the best No. 2.
To think voters are more concerned with voting against PMSH because he cut some funding to artists who produce meat dresses and hang dead rabbits from trees and sponsor the Vagina Monalogs.(sp)

Jen said...

The liberal party and elizabeth made a deal. whenever Dion couldn't respond in proper english elizabeth will help him.
Five candidates elizabeth for the liberals and green party why? she supports the lib's green shift and her green party's shift tax plan, isn't that cozy.
By the way did you hear David Rutherford on CPAC today, man, he plastered the MSM you should have heard him; also being fed up with the constant attacks on alberta, he had a guest from the energy sector, who stated that in 2005 Ontario alone receive $102billion from the oil sands revenue, and Quebec $8billion. These two provinces constantly bitch for more money where does DALTON MC GUINTY and CHAREST do with the money is TIME to investigate.

maryT said...

Jen, sure glad I am not the only one who heard those figures. What do you think would happen to Que culture, or their social programs if they lost that money.

Jen said...

Go to the net and type: OUR MAN IN IRAQ BY JANICE...... and read the story very carefully. you will that chretien lied to the MSM.

Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang: Our man in Iraq - Full Comment12 Oct 2007 ... Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang: Our man in Iraq ... The answer is more complicated than Jean Chretien would have had Canadians believe ...

Jen said...

Mary T. David, like the rest of us albertans are fed up with the constant whinning from the toronto and Quebec provincial governments.
The PMSH is feeding those idiots from the oil sands revenue he gets which those governments despise and which layton , mark holland and elizabeth may want to put an end too. How stupid can those provincial governments be, to insult and threaten the very hand that feeds them.
Where in the hell is Dalton and Charest using the money on. TIME TO INVESTIGATE.
David Rutherford, was pissed at the msm for lying and twisting the prime minister's words.
You know something Mary, the MSM are the biggest problem in canada. their constant gloom and doom and insults proves that they afraid of their own shadow.