Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dion with Mansbridge . I call BS.

Stephane Dion: "I never broke my word and uh my record is there. When I say something I don't over commit and I deliver."

Do I really need to give examples of how this statement is pure BS.


wilson said...

But, But, But...
Dion only changed his mind. changing your mind when you are a Liberal - good, shows open to new ideas,
Conservatives never change their minds - bad, promise breakers

macdouk said...

Can someone tell me how many times, during Dion's interview with Peter Mansbridge,that Dion avoided answering the questions asked of him, by the people across Canada and by Mansbridge? Maybe it would be faster to ask how many he actually answered.

Dennis said...

"When I say something I don't over commit..."

Damn. And here I thought he said, "When I say something I don't ever commit."

Thanks for clearing that up for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I watched that interview, Dion was brought up short he started to go off on a "Harper rant " every question he would hold up his "green shift" and tremulously assert "it would be good for the economy" stark raving barking mad in my opinion. Vote for Harper.
Cheers Bubba

Jen said...

Dion keeps saying he loves canada yet he and his party endorse terrorist groups not to mention the taliban friends he promised to bring into canada.
Dion also keeps saying he feels 'our pain' at the time like this yet none of them will return the millions of dollars which the liberals stole from us.
Why hasn't Mansbridge point that one out to Dion.? I guess Mansbridge loves Mansbridge.