Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How can Dion expect to lead the opposition

How can Dion expect to lead the opposition when every word coming out of his mouth will be questioned as to whether it is his own policy/position, official Liberal policy, or maybe even one of the leadership candidates policies? Surely the man cannot be that deluded to believe that he still speaks for the Liberal Party on policy matters when he knows that Iggy and Rae among others have very different ideas about policy and which way to lead the party.

Perhaps Dion should leave policy alone and concentrate more on fund raising for his cash strapped party. After the great job he has done on this file since being elected leader in Dec 2006 his ideas are guaranteed to be winners and the cash will flow in.

His decision today to remain on as leader will turn very ugly, very soon.


macdouk said...

This could be a perfect time for rebuilding. The Liberals can put forth ideas and policies,to "test the waters". If these policies seem to have some popualarity with Canadians the party will use these ideas for their next election platform.If they seem not to be to popular ,the party let's the blame fall on Dion.

macdouk said...

Has anyone noticed that even though the Conservatves have won the election the news on all the MSM is all about Liberals and their possible stategies and giving glowing reports on all the possible new Liberal Leaders. Perhaps another election is not so far off.

wilson said...

And what are the Liberals going to fight an election with? Canadian Tire money?

It's all Liberal all the time because the media are obssessed with elections and gaffes and anonymous sources.
Is there any better source for them than the LPC?

Liberals rebuilding? I call bs. Getting back into power is the main theme, who can win the next election, token thoughts given to changes.
Paul Martin, 2004 ran for leader on rebuilding the Liberal party, twice (2006), and .....nothing.

The Rae's and Iggy's and Martin's LIKE the power in the hands of THEIR people, not the grassroots.

When the once proud LPC spent the last 10 days of the election begging and then scolding Dippers and Greens for not voting Liberal, yah know it's over for them, for the next 2 elections.

The race for Lib leader is going to be the ugliest ever seen (unnamed sources)
and the most boring....we saw this movie 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The following is a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte. I think we should follow it.......argee

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

macdouk said...

Alot of money 'went missing'during the Chretien/ Martin years. Maybe it's time to collect.There always seems to be money for an election.( have you ever seen one of the 3 major parties pass an election because of funding?)The Liberals are already getting tons of free air time. You would think that they are the only Party in Canada.

Jen said...

The LPC blame their beloved MSM, the conservatives and the canadian people for the LPC own defeat. Neverthess, the MSM took the liberal accusation very well in fact they are doing their very best to regain the liberals popularity. I smell a rat here.
These so-call MSM were the very ones who walked out on the prime minister because he accused them of basically lying rewording his policies. Remember that!

And another thing, the LPC owe CANADIANS millions of dollars from whom they stole. Until then, the liberals will have a difficult time convincing Canadians or regrouping. WHY?, BECAUSE WE WOKE UP AND WE ARE NOT STUPID.

Dion will take his party down with him.

China broadcasted 'live' to the chinese people 'the prime minister's victory whereas CBC were too busy discussing the liberals.

The MSM are afraid of their own demise now that they have proven to us who they care for LPC ONLY and not the canadian people.

Canadians ask the MSM, CTV, CBC every day for their money back stolen by the liberals. We sent emails upon emails and not once have we heard them(MSM)voice our questions and concerns to the liberals. In fact, Duffy, Newman Mansbridge and others embraced the liberals corruption and thievery.
Up to this day, the MSM stay far away from such questions.
Yet those same useless MSM will question the conservative regularly and redicule them if the conservatives do not anwer their questions.

BOB RAE bankrupted Ontario walks into the liberal party and guess what, his 'past history is sealed.
Not one word of his past is echoed daily to the Ontarians.
And since the MSM are suckers to the LPC, BOB RAE now knows how to "shut them up." He even told ROBERT FIFE to shut up and FIFE was thrilled.

maryT said...

The liberals have lost big time in the last 3 elections. Going from a majority to minority is a loss, then twice being given the opposition side.
How many liberals votes did the last Chretain majority get, and how many votes On Oct 14. That is a lot of voters to try and get back. Also, loss of a lot of money/vote.