Friday, October 17, 2008

They spent 30 days building him up, and it took less than 30 hours to start to tear him down.

Great incite as to the truthfulness of Liberals during the campaign when they all kept repeating that Dion would be a good PM and had their support.

From the comments "3 days ago every Liberal in the country was telling us that Dion was the best choice and deserved our votes. Today they are saying that he is not even fit to lead the Liberal party."


Lycan Stark said...

Heh. Were they wrong then, or are they wrong now?

wilson said...

Just occured to me that Ontario did not follow Quebec!
The polls said Cons were getting the boot in Quebec, and Ontario still voted for PMSH!
The Que/Ont spell is broken, Canada is getting more Conservative.

Liberals don't get it, this article tells it:

jckirlan said...

Brilliant insight. Someone in the media should make mention.

Anonymous said...

Heh just a couple of days ago he was the"Anointed One" now if they could find him they wouldn't let him dunk the weenies at the steam table at a grit soiree. Personally I hope the "Green Shift" guy stays on. I love when he does the "fist pump" but that's just me, perhaps him and Lizzy could run away to Antigua and work on their synchronicity, worked for Maxime.
Cheers Bubba

Ron said...

Actually what I find most disturbing is that since the election I have heard 3 TV/Radio "journalists" and 1 written article that clearly stated the apparently known fact that Stephan Dion is very stubborn and refuses to listen to anyone, even the election chairs --- We all know how often the media mentioned Mr. Harper's bullying and dictatorial ways but why did so many jorunalists actively hide the real character of Mr. Dion from the voting public. They knew he was not the colaborative, open to all views individual he was being sold as but they intentionally kept silent -- Why? Also, the actions of Mr. Dion the last three days, hiding out, sulking, probabaly holding out to have the party pay his debts etc. clearly show the Conservative ads were right - He is not a leader.

maryT said...

Why is anyone surprised at this, just think of all their promises over the past few elections, that were forgotten within days after being elected.
Regardless of when they were lying, the media lied big time.
They have yelled fire too many time to be believed anymore.
Seems John McCallum will be the interm leader.
Loved a comment re the mayor who wants a NFLDer at the cabinet table, and help for his province.
ABC, remember, it means anything but cash.
Who will be the first to publish the clip of him being ejected from a plane for being drunk and disorderly.
CTV is being blamed for running that interview, but seem to get a pass for silencing Fife's story on the threats being made if one voted PMSH in the election.