Friday, October 17, 2008

Volpe Speaks. Say it aint so Joe, say it aint so.

Re elected Liberal MP Joe Volpe has asked Stephane Dion to "signal his intentions" on whether he will step down as the leader of the LPC. Volpe being the diplomat he is did not outright call on Dion to quit but when questioned, Volpe had this to say "Dion has earned the right to stay on probably as an interim leader."

You really can't be much clearer than that, at least for a Liberal politician that is. source

Of interest: Joe Volpe was a candidate for the Liberal leadership in 2006 along with eventual winner Stephane Dion. Volpe dropped out after the first ballot results and threw his support behind Bob Rae.

Bob Rae huh, very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Volpe cleaned up his answers for the TV was heard around that he was quite emphatic that Dion should resign...(that's how he got the interview in the first place) - pure opportunism here. (guess someone got to him before the interview and read the riot act)

Anonymous said...

Volpe consulted his financial backers before comenting. The grade 6 class. Pizza Joe is history. Rae is just the old Martin disgruntled losers.