Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What the....?

No, I am not talking about the recent drop in the polls, but rather the piss poor job the MSM are doing in this country covering the election. It truly is pathetic. The MSM seem to accept whatever comes out of the mouths of the leaders as fact and do not bother challenging anything or even asking the simplest of questions.

I refer to a couple of points in the MSM's coverage of Stephane Dion as examples. The first was during the last debate where Dion stated about his carbon tax that " The Premiers support our plan as a good one,". A statement that is pure hogwash. Dion lies and the media stays quiet. Aside from a post on this blog has anyone seen this mentioned anywhere else?

There are even more implications for this as Dion keeps telling us everyday about his 30 day action plan where he is going to meet with everyone and their dog to fix the economy. Are the Premiers going to be included in these meetings? Will Dion listen to them and their almost unanimous disdain for his carbon tax or will he just ignore them? Important questions, basic simple questions that are not being asked by those tasked with covering the election for their own news organizations and Canadians. h/t Jack Layton.

Even on the Liberal platform the MSM are falling flat. The Liberals plan calls for them to cut 12 billion dollars from current government spending to fund their platform, but does anyone know just where these cuts are going to take place and where this money is going to be coming from? The Conservatives cut a few million from some arts programs and the media are falling all over themselves covering it, but the Liberals proposed cutting of 12 billion out of the current budget gets completely ignored.

You need more? Has anyone in the MSM asked Dion about any details on how he would harmonize his carbon tax with that of B.C? I thought not.

As I said earlier; a pathetic job and a disservice to Canadians who rely on you to do your damn jobs and ask the important questions on our behalf.

Steve Jenke, not a member of the MSM, also finds a question that needs to be asked.


Anonymous said...

funny. we didn't hear these kind of complaints from people like you when the tories were rising in the polls.

mike said...


Conservatives have been complaining about MSM Bias for quite sometime now.. Perhaps you should read more before you make a comment like that.

Ardvark said...

I guess you do not read the Conservative blogs much Anonymous, because the media is always a favorite topic of ours for obvious reasons.